The joy of knowing You

Words fall so short
To explain, describe and tell
Of who You are
And what You mean to me

How can I tell the world
Of all the love I feel inside
Of all the joy I feel
When I feel how You live in me

How can I share the joy
How can I possibly express
It is so difficult to explain
All the greatness flooding me

It’s like bursting joy
Filling the skies
Mixed with peace, love
And the kindness of my King

It is so difficult to say in words
How all this joy is locked up on the inside
Causing me to smile
With so much ease

It makes me live with so much hope
Expectancy and peace
All because I know
Who lives on the inside of me

If I could express
Fully what goes on in my head
Words fall so short
I can only try and share

The Goodness
The Peace
The Hope
That I feel

It is so strong
How it runs through my veins
He lives in me
My every breath is His

If you have experienced this
You’ll never thirst or hunger for more
He so is the Prince of Peace
He fulfils EVERY NEED

Take my word
What I feel
Cannot be bought
It can only be received

By His blood
Through His grace
On the cross
The price was paid

It is sooo worth it
Inviting Him in
But don’t stop there
Walk the journey with Him

As you continue to grow
Becoming strong
You will see the promises I’ve shared
They will become yours