Time for an update :)

Dear friends, Trusting that you are all still well and holding fast to the hope we have in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He is coming back for His bride and through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit with us on earth we can live victorious lives. Not always without struggle but ones that truly overcome because Jesus already did. Amen? Amen! … Continue reading Time for an update 🙂

God’s light is gentle

Dear friends, I read something so powerful yesterday; Religion:  I messed up, my dad’s going to kill me! Sonship:  I messed up, I need to call my dad!   I’m also reminded of Adam & Eve and what they did after realising they were clothed with nakedness. They felt the shame of their sin and immediately wanted to hide from God and His glory light. … Continue reading God’s light is gentle