Breath of Fresh Air

Daddy as I sit in Your presence
Please will you pour Your refreshing waters
Over the deepest driest areas of my soul
Will You refresh and let live

Those areas I need You in
I give You all control Daddy
I trust Your life and intent for me
Much more than the death that lingers in my bones

O Abba
I need you
Every day, every hour
Even more

You’re Abba
The One that restores
The One that makes whole
Every broken part of me

Children of this world
How I wish they would stop running, stop pursuing wrong things
If we would only Abba pursue You
The way we so pursue other things

We do not realise
Or do we not want to know
You are the Breath of Fresh Air
Our souls and broken hearts long for

Can we not see
Do we not know
You are so much LIFE
You bring with so much hope, joy, happiness and peace

My heart never realised
These things exist in so much splendor
And how they are found in their fullness
Only with You

Daddy I pray in this day
For the broken souls in this world
Those with only empty words inside
Those who cannot even say a thing

For this world has slain them so hard
They are badly broken
Left for only death
O Abba will You help them please

Will You resurrect their bones
And give them Life Eternal
Only found in You
I pray for them today

Abba I pray
Will You help them please
Will You guide them
Lead them straight into Your loving arms

Will You help this broken world Abba to find You
In such might, glory and beautiful surrender
O Abba convince their hearts to trust
To put their searching longing hearts in Your embrace

You teach us hope
You give us grace
So undeserving we are
But You just continue to say

No you are Mine
I bought you with Calvary’s price
In Him My Son you are forgiven
And given a brand new start

O no I will not forget you
Your Name has been engraved
In the depths of My heart and hands
You’ve become a part of Me

I want us to be one
Truly one
In My Son
I’ve loved you since the start

Little ones Abba says
Do not fear
Know I am here
Here to lead you into the Path of Life

O little ones
Can you see
Waiting at the crossroads of your hearts
Will you, will you not … trust Me?

O come little ones
It’s time to forsake the past
To let go of the longing to go back to her
She can not ever give you the pursuit of Life I do

O no little ones
Daddy says
I’m the One
Always pursuing your hearts with such passion and love

A love I cannot deny
It’s written in the grave depths of who I am
I love You
You are meant to be forever Mine

Forever Mine
Abba says
Forever Mine
Will you be forever Mine?

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