Soul’s pursuit

For many years
Father’s child says
I have been traveling
This world

I have found a treasure
So dear and near to my heart
Friend do you care
To know what it is?

The pearl beyond price
The most special one
O dear friends
His name is Jesus Christ

For many people in this world
His name has become a disgrace
A name that they do not ever
Want to utter

O I do not know
Why it is
For me He has truly become
My life, my breath, my everything

He is so very special to me
Having Him close by
Speaking to me, loving me
O there is just nothing like it in all the earth

I would love to ask you though friend
Why do you not cling
To this beautiful King
What is your problem? 😉

O I would love to know
Your heart
I would love to know
Why you say so

I have found Him
To be so faithful
So kind, so loving
So true

Will you mind me telling you
Why I absolutely adore Him
Why I would never again be able
To do life without Him

See I have tried it for many years
Many years I was not sure
Is He the real deal?
Was there no other better than Him?

O I’ve tried
I sought in other places
I could not find one
As wonderful as He

I had my own doubts
Fears and questions for many years
Many years I was too afraid
Many years I believed many lies

I do not know
Can you possibly relate to this
Can I ask
Why did you choose to reject Him

O I wonder
I wonder
Could it possibly be the same
As the reasons why I chose to do the same

O yes
For many years I rejected Him
For many years I did not want Him to be in my life
For many years, did I mention that

I’m not too sure why I did
Now on looking back it all feels so foolish
I clearly did it because
I did not know Him very well back then

o Yes I wondered
Plenty times
Maybe I must give this thing, Him, a try
Still I just couldn’t get myself to do it

I believe it was
The many barriers
Satan placed between us
That prevented me to do so

Yes says Papa-God’s child
I do not know if you know
I do not know if you are aware
But we have an enemy, Satan he is called

O Many a child of God
He has led astray
With the lies he has told
And still tell about God

O tell me friend
Have you heard any of them
There are many
They have their origin in hell itself

See they have to try
I mean
It is God
And they are His enemy

See I care
I care Abba’s child says
I care about you finding the Truth friend
If you are also being deceived

See I never truly saw it then
I never truly realised
We have an enemy
Who’s mission it is for us to never ever begin to believe

O yes he has been trying for many years
To distract people from the Truth
And sadly he has been successful
In many of his pursuits

I’m just wondering
Child of the world
You, yes you friend
Are you one of these successful pursuits of him?

O I hope
I hope Abba’s child says
It is not so
I hope it all can still be turned around for you

I don’t know friend
I don’t know what your reasons are for not trusting in God
But I would just want you to know
Please make sure you are not wrong

O yes friend
For many people have been led
Into the fiery flames of hell by Satan
Through lies that they believed about God

I don’t know if you realise this
Abba says
But this could very well be
Exactly what has been happening to you

I would just want you
Abba Father says
To make sure
To make sure you are not being deceived

See this has been the case
For many people
Now sitting in the flames of despair
Who were led there by lies

Satan have told them many lies
Many lies that led them away from God
And then by believing them
Led them into the arms of hell

O I wish
I wish I could prevent them from going there
Abba says I tried
I tried so much to warn them

Just as I am warning you now
Dear friend
Just as I am warning you now
Please do not go there too

O yes says Abba
Many warnings have been sent to planet earth
Trying to prevent people from going there

Many warnings says Abba
Many warnings
O I wish you could see
This one is one as well

O I have wished so many times
Abba says
That people of this world
Will start to take My Word above that of the enemy

I have wished
I have prayed
I have warned
I have hoped

Yes alas
I have not been successful
In some of My endeavors
In keeping people out of hell

Yes says Daddy-God
I have been saddened many times over
And I so hope
That this will not be the same with you

I have fought
Many losing battles before yours
So many child
I wish you could see

The trouble comes
Abba says
Because I have given people a choice
To deny or accept Me

O I have given people
The free choice of heaven or hell
I have told them to choose
Life or death

Till this day Abba says
Many people
Many people believe the lies of Satan
Over My words of truth

The sad part is
Says Abba
People do not realise their mistakes
Before it is too late

O yes that is the sad part
Abba says
That is the part
That for Me is just too terrible

I tell people
Over and over
o Child make sure
Make sure you are right

Whilst still on planet earth
Whilst still having air in their longs to breathe
Because I know says Abba
I know when death comes it will be too late

I tell them often
Abba-God says
I tell this world often
Make sure you believe right

I cannot help Abba says
When you allow yourselves
To be set up by the traps of the enemy
You allow yourselves to get caught

O children
Why do you allow yourself
To be caught by the enemy?

I do not know if you have heard it said yet
Abba says
But the enemy child is out to deceive
He is the father of all lies

And that is just it
Abba says
So many people
So many people believe his lies

They take all he says as truth
Believing it as if there was none other
Why is it Abba says
That they do not do a check on his character

O children
I tell you this
He is the fallen angel
Once light but now purest darkness

O children please
You have to start realising
Angel of deceit, king of darkness
That is now his name

He is out to destroy
Abba says
This world
And all that is within it

I am Abba says
His opposing enemy
The one he doesn’t like
The one he has to take out

O he failed miserably at the Cross of Calvary
Abba says
I had a plan he did not see coming
Resurrecting My Son after He paid the full price for sin and death

O it was just glorious
Abba says
How the most painful day in history
Became the most beautiful one ever

I never thought I would agree
Abba’s Son says
But yes all got turned around
In just the most beautiful of ways

O yes Abba says
From the start of life
I had a plan to outsmart Satan
I had to, there was just no other way

O the beauty
The beauty of our loving God
Truly friend I tell you
This is what won me over

So completely
So utterly completely friend
I tell you this
I mean who has ever done anything like this?

Who has ever laid down the life of His Son
So that others
The whole wide world
Could find Eternal Life?

I know of no other dear friend
I know of no other such as this one
The heavenly anointed one
Jesus Christ my dearest Lord

If He was not willing dear friend
To lay down His life
For you and me
If He was not willing to come

O friend
That I do not even want to consider
What if, what if I had to pay the penalty of my sin
What if I had to be forever in the place called hell

O friend
I tell you
That is exactly what would need to happen
If Jesus did not come and pay sin’s penalty on our behalf

The payment for sin
Has always been blood
If not His
Then ours

O friend
I’m so thankful
So thankful that Jesus came
To pay the price for us

Only one thing remains
Abba says
Friend of the world
As I said the choice is yours

Make it a good one
Abba says
Make it a very wise one
Child the choice is truly yours

I hope dear friend
That this has truly shed some light
On the goodness of God
The true beautiful one

Over the years friend
As I have committed my life to Him
And have gotten to know Him better
This has just been confirmed over and over

God is faithful
God is just
God is just so good
At being the most beautiful God

I have found friend
Over and over
As I have walked this road of persevering to believe
God is good, so so good

Many do not believe this to be true
I am always so saddened by it
Because then I know, they have not yet found my God
The real and true one

Maybe perceptions of Him
Maybe hearsay
Maybe make-believe stories
Maybe idle lies

Friend that is just it
People they have to find
They have to find the real truth
So that they can truly believe what is right

Many many people in this world
Believe wrong
Many people do not want anything to do
With this most beautiful God

I do not understand it friends
I do not
Even when I was lost, calling out to be saved
I still knew God gave His Son to die and how could that be hate?

God loves us friend
So so much
I wish this you could find
I pray for you today

I pray friend
That your heart will soften
I pray that it will find
Only the realest truth that could ever be found

This is my prayer for you dear friend
Please come visit us again
Please come see, please come read
Our God is love and He can not ever be anything but only good

O yes I pray, I pray
That Him you will find
The eternal loving One
Knocking at your heart

Will you please invite Him in
Will you please just give Him a chance
Just to come
And prove Himself

O yes dearest friend
He is so real
As real
As what could ever be found

Come closer child
Come please find
Who I truly am
You will be so surprised

I am the epiphany child
Of everything that is good
And not evil
In this world

O yes this you will find
If you have been hurt child, in your lifetime
And you feel I am responsible
Please come see is it true

My heart is never to destroy
To hurt
To break down
That would be the enemy

Yes, yes the fall of man
Might’ve caused him
To have a bit more control
But still I am greater than he

The schemes of the enemy child
I can turn around
I can turn the table on him and his dirty plans
By you choosing to believe Me

All I need is your faith
And trust in Me
You starting to believe
Maybe, just maybe I am only good

That would be such a great start friend
Such a great start
Just start to question
All the doubts in your heart

Maybe God is only good
Maybe He does love me perfect
Maybe He is real
Maybe I have been wrong all-the-time

Please allow Me dearest child
Please allow Me
To start delivering answers
By the way you believe

I need answers Abba says
Child this is what you say
Child I’ll show you
Will you stay committed until I do?

My heart is for you
Child please remember this
No matter what the world says and if she ever agrees

Those who believe child
They will see
They will find
That is the golden promise in My Word

And you will … find Me

Not ever can I go back
On a single word I spoke
It will be done Abba says
My will, My way, your faith

Please say yes child
Please say yes
To Me and you
Finding each other in harmony

I need your faith
Please say yes to finding Me

Waiting I am
So expectantly
Will you, will you say yes
And allow My warmest love to embrace you

That is the question inside My heart
Will you
Will you reject Satan, his lies and all regret
And follow Me

O the glorious things child
I can still do
Through your life
If you will choose Me

I can restore child
It is never
Never too late
Not for you, not for anyone ever

Will you choose
Will you choose to put your faith in Me
Child please do

Even though
You have not believed for many years
You can still do so child
You can still do so

A brand new day awaits
A brand new start
Glory to God
Can also be the song you sing

All things new child
All things new
That is what I
Creator and Sustainer of this world can do

At the Cross
Come and lay your burdens down
At the Cross of Jesus the eternal King

None of His pain
Was in vain
All was for you child
All was for you

Those who would believe
Those who would put
Their faith and trust in Me
Those who would come, it could be you

Yes, Amen.

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