True love pursues

Never, never, never stop
Pursuing the heart
Of the one you love
This is true love

This is God’s love
For us to know
The depths of our Savior’s heart
To know Him

O how He longs for this friend
He longs for you to come
He wants you to come find
The depths of His love for you

O Glorious One!
You will exclaim
O Glorious One!
You are so very worthy of my love

O little ones of this world
Our Abba waits
He waits and He longs for the depths of His heart
To be found by the ones He loves

The Bride He’s chosen
The Bride that is His
O come little ones
Come little ones of the world

The breadth and length of My love for you
Has scarcely been found
You’ve scratched only the surface My little ones
Abba, Me, is waiting for you to come discover

There is so so much more
Waiting to be found
In the oceans
Of My beauty-ness

O little ones you have discovered
Many of you, waiting on Me, regularly
Diamonds upon your path
Like a trail from Above

O, o come find
There is always so much more
I long little ones for you to find more
More of My richness

More of My treasures
More of Me
O come little children
Come find more of the One you say you love

O little ones I know
Many a time
Things of this world
Will try to separate our times together

Do not allow
Little children
The things of this world
To come between us two

Greater measure little ones
I have prepared for you
Little ones have faith
Come closer

Come see I am the Living One
Waiting for you
To come discover
The depths of who I am

That is little ones
What the world tells you not
Find the one you love
And discover who he or she is

O little ones
In the beginning of these journeys
You love it so
You can chat for hours

Discover the very depths of who he or she is
That’s your aim, always, I know
It’s so true
It’s so beautiful to see

It’s just, then you allow waterness to seep in
The waterness that says
O no, I’ve discovered enough
I know who he or she is

O no little ones
This is not always correct
This is where you go wrong
Many a time

Listen to Me, please
Lovers of this world
You who seek to know Truth
You who seek to know true love

Find the one you want to marry
And then you tell them…
Love, will we pursue each other’s heart
Till the end?

O my loved ones it’s not always easy
But it is beautiful
To pursue the heart of the one you say you love
O it is so very much beautiful

O no little ones don’t go wrong
Don’t take the wrong little avenues
Trying to persuade
No little ones, no, be aware, please

There is little one
So much more going on underneath the surface
Yes a person’s heart has many depths and layers
Not as many as Mine but yes still

O yes little children
You can go until you’re grey and old #InYourOldAge
And you will still be able to pull forth something beautiful
From the heart of the one you love

See children
I want you to fall in love
With the heart
Of the one you love

Yes children, yes
Not just bodily features
But o no
So much more than that

I want you to become aware
Of the heart your loved one carries
And then to become more acquainted with it
Daily more

O little ones
Little ones of My heart
I will pursue you always
I will, always

Will you do the same with Me?
Yes will you say
Lord I’m committed
I’m committed to finding more of You

To know who You are in heart
To never stop pursuing the heart of the One I say I love
I love you Lord
I love you and I will stay committed in this journey of LOVE

See that is what happens Abba says
In the hearts of My children
When they fully realise and accept

They meet-up with My beauty
And they cannot, not fall in love
O no, I’ve captured many a heart with the beauty of the Cross
The beauty of My love

I just cannot, cannot seem to get away from it
Many, many, a lot
Are captured by the grace and beauty of the Cross
Many a heart captivated by the WONDER of My heart

Little ones I do not need persuade, I only present
Yes I present the wonder of My heart to every person on earth
And then they get to choose
Is this something they want, is it not?

O the wondrous
Reckless love of God
Is this not what you sing these days?

I’m overwhelmed Abba
I’m overwhelmed
By the beauty and grace You have shown
Can I please fall deeper in love with You?

See little ones
This is the one thing I hope will happen
In every heart that ever meets the message of the Cross
I hope that their hearts will be mesmerized and changed by the glory of My heart


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