Blaming God

Deep in my heart
Lives the desire
O to know You more
How absolutely amazing that will be

Daddy there is more
I know it
I can feel it in my heart
In the love You share

Thank you
For never giving up on us
And that You never will

O I long Abba
For Your courts
To know You more
To search You out

O I know Abba
I have found
You are truly beautiful
I just wanna know more

Yes I wanna find out
Abba’s child says
How can I have more
Of what You have prepared

Daddy You are holy
Righteous and so glorious
Still You want to help us
Live within our hearts

O Abba I cannot always understand this
I don’t always know how this works
You want us
Though You are so big

Yes Abba
Many things You can demand
With many things You can say
I want it now

Still You are often so polite Daddy
Kind in the way of Your approach
Daddy how can it be
How come do You not just force things into the way You want them to be?

Yes says Abba’s child
I know it is fully possible
I know there is not a thing that You cannot do

Abba You are the most powerful King
So gracious and loving in all Your ways
You demand respect Abba
But it’s not something you will force down

Yes Abba, yes
You are not like Hitler
Although You could be
His heart was hard, Yours is so extremely humble

Yes Daddy-God
You always-always have time for us
There is nothing You cannot do

You stay soft
You’re always kind
Even though we sometimes disappoint
You’re also so quick to say I forgive you

How can it be
How can You love this world so much
How can it be?

O Abba
You are good
You are gracious
You are so kind

I just always wish Abba
This world could find what we have
Yes the lost people in this world
That they could truly find You

O Abba
I know
I know their hearts will be just as glad
Just as mine have been

O, o lost children of this world
I wish you could find
I wish you could see
I am only good

Yes it is a repertoire
I repeat quite often Abba says
I just get tired sometimes
Because it has become something few believe

O loved ones of the earth
I wish you could see
I wish you could find
This is Me

O loved ones Abba says
Those belonging to Me
Those not yet
Please come closer to Me

Will you get to know Me better
Abba says
Please will you just start by putting some time aside
Yes, just to get to know Me a bit better

I know Abba says
I know
A lot of you struggle with this
A lot of you really struggle

O I know Abba says
I understand
Trusting Me
Doesn’t always come easy for you

It’s difficult
Abba says
Truly to believe
I am good and You can trust Me

O I know
Abba says
I know
You really struggle with this sometimes

O little ones of the earth
Abba says
Will you please just come closer
Start to believe I am only good

See Abba says
This has become
The struggling block for many people
They do not believe I am only good

Abba says
How different this world would be
Could be
If only the world started to believe this?

Yes says Abba
If I could only be the one
They run to and not from

O little ones
Abba says
O little ones
I so wish you could see

Will you start to believe
Abba says
Will you start to believe
I am only good

No percentage of darkness
Abba says
Can be added to My name
I am only Light, I am only good

Yes children, yes
I battle sometimes
I really-really battle, like an army soldier
To get people to like Me

O yes Abba says
O yes
I know all about the likes you get on Facebook
Sometimes I also wish for a like or two though they hardly ever come

O children
Dearest-dearest ones
Daddy up in heaven
Cares for you to find the truth about Me

Come little ones
Abba says
Come closer
Come find who I truly am

I long little ones
Long, long, long
For you to come
And be free in My love

My love redeems
Abba says
It makes you free
To be you

Yes little ones
Without wrong little things attaching themselves to you
O no that is not Me
It is Satan wanting to bring division between us two

Little ones
Abba says
Can I encourage you
Be free not in chains

Little ones
Abba says
You do not always understand
But I am love

Love little ones
Unable to deceive
Unable to lead you in the wrong way
Because I love you so

I would much rather
Abba says
Want you to find
I am only good

Yes Abba says
Only good
There is no distinction little ones
Between Me and purest light

I am purest light
Abba says
The purest light
That could ever be found

I am the purest, whitest piece of cloth
That anyone can ever find
Yes Abba says
The One without spot or blemish

Abba says
There are too many times little ones
That you look at what is wrong in this world
And then blame Me

O littlest one
Can you not see
Abba wants you to find
I am only-only good

I am that white garment
My child
Jesus wants you to wear
That white garment purchased by His blood

O little ones
Please start to see
I am only good

There are specks Abba says
Specks of people’s lies
Found on My white robe
And I do not want them there

Abba says please
Dearest children of this world
Stop blaming Me
Stop blaming Me for all that is wrong

You’re not doing what is right
Abba says
You’re trying to put the blame on someone
And now I’m the one paying the price

No little ones
Asks Abba
Stop shifting the blame
I am not the responsible one

So much blame in this world
Is carried by Me
Though I’m not the one
Being guilty of these things

I just wish Abba says
I just so wish
This world could be free
Of all the lies they tell about Me

Yes Abba says
There are so so many lies
That make you believe wrong about Me

I am a religious God
I am not one to be trusted
I will destroy
I just always wonder why is this where your focus is

Why not little ones
Do you allow My love
To transform you
To build building blocks of trust for the future

O little ones
Daddy says
Come closer please
To Me the only living god

I love those Abba says
I love those who care for Me
So so deep
I just wish there could be more

Yes Abba says
More people I could transform
With My most perfect love
More people I could trust to believe Me

Little ones
Daddy says
Please, please come closer
I want you to see

Start paying attention
Little ones
Start paying attention
Please Daddy wants you free

Free from
All this wrong belief
Free from
Thinking I do not love you

How can you think that
Abba says
How can you even think that for a second
My Cross cannot lie

If Daddy says
My love for this world was not perfect and complete
You can be assured
I never would send My Son to die for you

O never
O never
O never
Abba says

How can that be
If I had trust issues
Any any trust issues with My love for you
The Cross would never be

O no
It’s only because My love
Was and is so complete
That I can fully and truly say this to you

Little ones
Abba says
Please-please be free from deceit
When it comes to Me

Make sure little ones
Please make sure
That you are not being led astray
With the lies being told to you

O little ones
Come find Truth
Come see I am only good

Only, only good
Little one
Only, only good
That is why My Son came

I want you to start believing this
Exactly Abba says
No place for compromise

It’s when people start to question
The validity
Of My Word and being
That they start to be led astray

Know who I am children
Please, please
Know who I am
I can not be wrong

I am Light
I am Goodness
I am the only Way
To Your heavenly Father waiting above

Come closer Abba’s Son says
Come, come closer
Little ones
Come, come closer to Me

I want you to find
I am perfect love
Perfect goodness
Perfect everything that is beautiful

Little ones
Little ones
Call out for deeper please

More intimate knowledge Abba says
Waits to be shared with you
Will you come
Will you say yes

Little ones, little ones
Daddy waits
Waits for you to come find
I am the true and living God

The one others cannot compare to
The One that is
Holy, righteous
And o just so beautiful

Do you realise little ones
Abba says
That I am the One who is fully only-beautiful
O yes more than words can ever describe

Little ones
Come find
Daddy, is only good

Wait for Me
Patient ones
Wait on Daddy
And you will see

I’ll start to break open
Deeper truths to your heart
Deeper truths to your being
You will find

Stay patient
Abba says
Waiting on Me in the quiet place

Don’t rush Abba says
Just be quiet
Wait on Me

O come little ones
Come closer still
Come find out
There is so much more I want to show

There are so much more
So much more
Waiting to be found
I am waiting for you


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