Equip with Letitia

Hi friends,

About two years ago I sensed Abba saying to me that I must start to equip people, His people, all people interested to also discover what I have. That is intimacy (heart to heart connection) with Him. To use the lessons and road I have walked to help them also get to His lap. Hearing His heart. Experiencing the all-consuming beauty of His heart, love, presence.

That said I want to introduce you to the ways this is accomplished currently. You will find notes and posts on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) encouraging and equipping as well as a couple of video’s on the Facebook page that we started with and recorded in 2020. Very recently we grew our online presence in the form of a Youtube Channel. The name currently is Life in Victory.

Mentoring through writings and video’s are a pleasure and I want to ask you to please not hesitate in any way should you need to or want to reach out asking questions or sharing stumble blocks from your journey. I’m here to assist you in your growing journey with the Lord.

There is so much more prepared for God’s kids, salvation is not the end, it’s only the beginning of an exciting discovery into the beautiful heart of God. Treasures and gems await every heart willing to pursue and go after them!

Hoping these words stir a persistent passion in your heart … 😉

It’s wonderful having and serving you friends. My desire and prayer is that the blog and its affiliate pages truly add to and enrich your walk with God. May we never stop, may we continue always diving deeper into the beauty of God for He truly is an endless ocean and bottomless sea.

What a joy it is to know and keep on getting to know God. Amen? Amen!

Lots of love in Jesus Name,