Equipping the saints

Hello friends,

It’s wonderful to chat to you again. I hope things are truly well with all of you! Thanks for being here and for supporting King of Kings.

I know things were more quiet on the blogs the last year or so but I want to assure you God has been and is working through it all. By His grace I’m also still here and believe in His plan for us!

This said, as I’ve been praying for God’s vision and direction, where to go from here, I sense Him saying “EQUIP”. I have to start equipping His children. Specifically in the area of how to have a heart-to-heart relationship with God. Guiding with the lessons I have learned in my journey, helping you to discover what I have found. Intimacy with God.

I would love for you to also experience this beautiful life-changing communion with Him. Getting to His lap. His golden heart. Becoming one with Him. Tasting the joy of there-is-nothing-better and for-this-I-was-made. This is Abba’s greatest desire for each of His kids.

Through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice every one of us has been given the fantastic opportunity to have this kind of relationship with Him. God wants to give us much more than what we often settle for which is mere tradition, religion or only accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer.

That is where you come in. I’d like to hear your hearts! You who don’t know what relationship with God is or how it works. What questions do you have? And also you who daily walk in this wonder. What thoughts would you like to share? How did it change and impact your lives?

So far I’m thinking of covering the following topics:
~ What it means
~ Why it is so wonderful
~ How to practically cultivate a relationship with God

This down-to-earth-kind-of-girl definitely does not know everything but together with Holy Spirit and God’s Word it will be a privilege to assist and encourage you on your journeys with Him.

You can reply to this post or if you would like to communicate more privately you are welcome to send an e-mail to: kingofkingsblog@gmail.com

Looking so-much-forward to hearing from you! ♥

Thank you,


Ephesians 4:12-16

2 thoughts on “Equipping the saints

  1. Amen.
    I would like you so kindly to include the impact of being equipped. Yes intimacy with God but also servitude to others. The cross demands of us to save everyone we can. The Great Co-Mission.
    Blessings In Jesus

    1. Hi friend, thanks so much for commenting. Always nice to receive feedback from you. I will definitely keep that in mind, as Father leads. Amen. I know one thing. Once and as my relationship with God progressed and still is progressing I have found that having an impact on this world comes quite naturally. It’s hard to contain Jesus, His care and love for this world when His presence overflows from the inside. And I do believe saving souls is one of the most important priorities in God’s heart. For sure! Thanks for caring about the nations of the earth, your heart, and support. Abba bless you too!

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