Waiting hearts

The pain
O the pain of waiting on a promise from Father-God
I wonder Daddy
I wonder is this what Abraham felt?

Waiting on his promise from Abba-Father
That seemed to never show up
O I wonder Abba, I wonder
How many people in this world live with the same longing inside of their hearts?

A heart that says I wonder
I wonder
Will He fail me
Will He not?

O children of Abba
We cannot give up
On the longings deep inside our hearts
Those deep longings placed there by Abba-God

Our Daddy will not falter
He will not give up
As long as we
Continue to do the same

Wait on Abba’s strength
Let Him renew
What’s deep on the inside
Let Him tell you all will be okay

All will be okay friends
O tell this to your longing hearts
All will be okay
As long as we do not give up

Do not give up brother, sister
On the promise of God
Living on the inside of your heart
What Daddy said He is able to perform

So tell your longing soul
Dearest friend
Abba is in control
And o He will not let go

Take courage my heart
Be steadfast my soul
He is in the waiting
That is dear friends words so true

He is in control
He will not let go
We can trust
His beautiful heart for us

Sometimes we so battle
We so battle with the fears inside
Is He for me? Can I trust Him completely?
O friend we can

I’m busy little ones
All the strings necessary
To perform these miracles
Are being pulled

O little ones
Come closer
Come see
I am for you

I know your hearts are trusting
I know they want to be
Full of faith
Still you struggle

I know dearest little one
It’s not always easy
It’s not easy to see
What I’m busy with

O ones of My heart
Little little ones
Will you please stay close
Stay close to Abba’s heart

I will show you the way forward
Little one
I will keep you strong
As you continue to keep your eyes on Me

Don’t give up little one
Don’t give up
I’m with you always
You can trust My heart

I’m for you little one
I’m for you
I know sometimes you battle
But still please just remember I am for you

Little one, come
Please come rest in My arms
I will show you and give you rest for the road ahead

I’m with you
I’m with you always
Please let these words be the truest conviction of your heart

I won’t let you fall little one
I your Daddy
Will uphold you
With My love and strength

You are to Me
So very dear
O little ones
Can you see

I love you with an everlasting love
That’s the love that hung on the Cross of Calvary
A love that can not forsake
Or give up on you

Continue to be strong little one
Continue to look up
I am with you
And with Me you have the victory

I’ve won children
I’m the True Victor of all times
Don’t give up
Continue, just continue to look at Me

Thank you little ones
For trusting Abba’s heart
Believing I’m in control
Even though it’s hard to believe

I promised
I will be with you till the end of all times
Just keep on looking up
Just keep on strengthening yourself in Me

I will give you the victory little one
I will give you the victory
Now and always, that is My Name
I will be with you until the end of all days


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