Waiting hearts

The pain
O the pain of waiting on a promise from Father-God
I wonder Daddy
I wonder is this what Abraham felt?

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World’s Best Dad

I want to know You more
I want to know You more
This is the deepest
Cry of my heart

Abba may this always be
To long for more of You
To long for all You have
To long for all You are

Children of the Light
Never stop, always keep on
Coming after My heart
Seeking all of Me

Children of the Light
I want you to find
More and more
Each day

Never stop dearest children
Always come closer
Come climb into My heart
Come find out who I truly am

I want to give you
So much more
Dearest children
This is My heart for you

To truly find
To be happy
Whilst here on earth
To be truly happy

Children of the day
Children of the Light
Come closer
Come find Me for yourself

I’m so much more
Than people perceive
So much more dearest children
So much more

I’m no angry man
Waiting to punish you
I’m the best Dad
This world could ever ask for

What I do, I do out of love
Because I love My children
Father says
Because I want to keep them safe

Surely this is something
All you earthly dads can understand
Is this not also your heart’s desire
To always be on the look out for your children

And this is truly all
I’m doing Father says
I’m trying to keep them from the edge of the cliff
Because I know it’s gonna make them lose their lives

Children please listen to Me
Whenever I ask you to obey
Whenever I ask you to choose life over death
It is because I truly care

I love you dearest world
I love you with an everlasting love
And this is what
I would want you to find

Never give up on Me dearest world, children
Though it is often times tough
Though it’s not always easy
Please continue to believe in Me

Believe in Me
The way I believe in you Father says
I’m always enough dearest children
I am always enough

Good enough you will always be to Me
Nothing can ever separate you from My great love
I love you always
This the King of kings says

Believe in Me
Please believe in Me
The Father says

I will carry you
Through the toughest times
Darkest night
I will carry you


I Am

Please invite Me in
Please make Me King
This is what
The Father asks

If you will invite Me in
You will see
How all can be turned around for good
Even the sorrow of the past

My dearest children
There is nothing that I cannot do
If you will believe
The impossible is truly possible

My dearest children
I need you to believe
That I am
Whom I’ve always been

Nothing can change Me
Father says
Not the future, past
Or present

I am and will always be
Who I am
I need you to believe in Me the Father says
I need you to believe

Will you come closer friend
This is what the Father asks
Will you come and see
How much it is that I love you

There is nothing
I can’t do the Father says
There is nothing I can’t do
If only you will believe

I need you
To trust My heart
I need you
To invite Me in

Dearest child
From the depths
Of your heart
Please will you start

I need you to love Me the way
I so love you
I need you to fully
Surrender who you are

Have you done this yet
Dearest child
Have you done this yet
Have you fully invited Me in

I long for you to know Me
The way I know you
I long for you to care about My heart
The way I care about yours

My dearest child
Please will you believe
I am who I say I am
And so much, so much more

I love you dearest child
With an everlasting love
My love for you runs deep
Deeper than any earthly veins

I love you dearest children
I love you
I long for children
Willing to surrender their hearts and lives

Through the surrendered
I can do the impossible
Father says
Nothing you will not be able to do

Will you please
Love Me more
Each and every day
While you are on planet earth

Make this your life’s goal
To love Me more
To love Me more
Each day

Through you I will do the impossible
Because you chose to commit
Because you chose to yield
To where My Spirit leads

Abba we long for You
We long to know the real You
Please show us Abba
So we can truly be one with You