Stand strong!

So in South Africa we are on the brink of a National Lockdown. Something we have not experienced since I’ve been alive. With the Corona Virus Covid 19 and its effects comes many emotions.

Fear being number one. I can so clearly see him trying to dethrone Jesus and taking the throne of our hearts. Let’s guard against it.

With that said I believe now is a specially opportune time to draw closer to Abba. Trying times are golden opportunities to get to know God better. Let’s not miss this.

Jesus Christ is the HOPE of the world and because we have Him living on the inside of us we can truly thrive in hope, peace and joy even in such turbulent times the world are experiencing all over.

I pray that our lights will shine brightly during this time. That our words and deeds will be beautiful witnesses Abba can use to draw many unbelievers to His glorious light, love and salvation.

I bless you friends. In the trials and valleys of life we have a constant Companion who promised that He’ll NEVER leave our side. Let’s continue to draw courage from His steadfast promises and presence during this time.

We have such a faithful God. May our faith in Him stand strong & continue to GROW. Amen!

Love always,


#KeepingOurEyesOnJesus #GodIsSoMuchGreater #WeHaveALivingHope 
#TheDarkerTheNightTheBrighterGodsLight #TimeToShine #GodIsFaithful
#InGodsKingdomPerfectPeaceReigns #DeathHasBeenOvercome 

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