Stronger together

Dear friends,

Is King of Kings a blessing to you?

Then I would like you to consider strengthening my arms in this walk with Abba. I have such a passion in my heart to fulfill God’s calling and plans with this ministry and platform. In order to do that I need people helping financially to build His vision. I know … He wants to do so much more!

Our mission:
1) Inspire people to pursue Intimacy with God and equip them to cultivate it.
2) Spread the amazingness of God’s heart and character.
3) Color the world with His love and compassion practically.

If this is something that resonates in your heart please support us. It will truly mean so much to me. Love, Letitia.
Our bank details:
Account name: King of Kings
Bank: Capitec
Account number: 1507489399
Branch code: 470010
Philippians 4:17
Ephesians 4:12
Galatians 6:6
How we started:
#EverythingIDoCurrentlyIDoAtZeroCostΒ #ThanksForCaringToBuildGodsKingdomΒ 
#GoodSoilToSowIntoΒ #ItsOurDonorsAndGodsGraceThatMakeThisMinistryPossible
Β #AnOpportunityToBlessAndBeBlessedΒ #FullTimeMinistrySince2013Β 
Did you know?
– A lot of the Equipping of the Saints happens on our Facebook page.
– I recently opened an Instagram Account for the blog. Hoping to share snippets from what I discovered on my journey with Abba there. Follow & please tell your fellow Instagrammers!
For our Afrikaans friends, be sure to go check out our other site and its Facebook & Instagram pages as well.

Alone we are strong … together we are stronger.

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