God’s light is gentle

Dear friends,

I read something so powerful yesterday;

Religion:  I messed up, my dad’s going to kill me!
Sonship:  I messed up, I need to call my dad!  

I’m also reminded of Adam & Eve and what they did after realising they were clothed with nakedness. They felt the shame of their sin and immediately wanted to hide from God and His glory light.  

Isn’t this exactly what we do?

We feel the shame attaching itself like filthy mud to our hearts after doing wrong, failing, not getting things right and then we keep God at bay. Feeling that we cannot enter God or His presence. Why? Because He is so beautifully holy and we are not.  

I just want to remind you today.

Who clothed Adam and Eve? (Genesis 3:21). With what are we clothed today, all those that belong to God and have committed their lives to Christ? Jesus and His blood sacrifice. That is what the animal God killed in Genesis is a foreshadowing of.  

I know for me it has been a journey, making God a part of the darkness in me, allowing Him to see all of me and walking this journey of becoming-one-with-Him. What I have found though, time and time again is, His Light is welcoming, warm, not condemning or full of judgment.  

Don’t fear the Light friends, trust God and His love.  

For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ. 

2 Corinthians 5:21

In Christ we are fully accepted, totally forgiven.  

Make Jesus a part of your battles today. If you are struggling with sin and its destructive consequences, don’t hide. Run to the Light. Say you are sorry, ask Jesus for forgiveness and allow Him to give you a loving and identity-confirming embrace.  

He wants to do life with you. He wants to equip you. He wants to grow you. He wants to help you conquer. He is the one cheering you on.  

Will you make Him a part of your journey?  

I bless you! x


2 thoughts on “God’s light is gentle

  1. Just this morning I heard a politician saying… vote for the ANC we will keep the lights on… and I pray… God please let them see the real LIGHT then they will never again sit in darkness… this msg is just confirmation… Jesus the LIGHT is welcoming… warming… thank you Letitia

    1. So true Tersia, what a beautiful prayer to pray. Lord please open the blind eyes, help them to TRULY SEE. You are the LIGHT. Our world and its people truly does need our prayers. Lief jou! xxx

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