Do you hear
Abba’s child
The whisper inside of your spirit
Child that is Me

Daddy says
I speak often
Still so many of you do not hear

Says Daddy-God
Talk to Me

Allow your spirit-heart
Says Daddy-God
To commune with Me
In the most beautiful of ways

O children
Daddy says
Often, often I speak to your hearts
Still many of you do not hear

Says Abba
I speak a lot
I speak regularly

You need
Daddy says
Dearest ones
To start allowing Me to prepare your hearts

Dearest children
I have you inside My heart
I need to speak to you

There are many things
Daddy says
That often interferes
With what Me and you can have

I know
It’s not always easy child
To hear from Me
But it’s something you can also have

I call it
Whispers from the heart
Daddy says
That is where I often speak

Many people
Papa says
Don’t know this
They believe it’s not possible for them to hear from Me

I speak often
Dearest children
It’s just a thing
Of allowing Me to speak deep within

I know your hearts
Abba says
Are sometimes so thankful
So soft for Me

Many things Abba says
Always try to come between us
But please Daddy says
Don’t let it be

I love you Abba says
And I would love for your hearts
To be prepared
Yes to hear from Me

I long dearest child
For you to come
Live inside of My heart
And Me in yours

O yes says Abba
To His dearest child
That is what I long for
You and Me truly connected in all things

O little children of My heart
Dearest ones
Come closer
Come live inside of Me

Yes dearest children
I want you Daddy says
To start whispering to Me as well
Whispers from the heart

Come closer, please
Many things
Daddy says
I want to reveal to your hearts

I don’t always get the chance
Abba says
No many things
Always come in-between Me and My children

O dearest little ones
Come closer
Please come see
I wanna speak to you

So often Daddy says
I speak
I speak often
Though you do not always hear Me

Many things
Abba says
Can block the line of communication between us two
Pride are one of them

O come little ones
Come closer
Come see I can’t speak to haughty hearts

Their spirits
Says Abba
Those who think they are better than all the rest
Their hearts will not ever hear Me correctly

O no Daddy says
I seek humble hearts
Humble hearts
To work through

O Daddy says
Little ones
Do you remember I spoke to Moses face to face
He was the most meek man on the face of the earth

Humble hearts
Says Abba
Always seek to bring My Name glory
And not their own

I walk Daddy says
With those humble in heart
O I love them so
The hearts clothed with humility

You can always see them
Abba says
There is a way
For you to differentiate

O dearest ones Abba says
Come closer
Let Me show you please
What it is that lies within your hearts

O little ones
Don’t be scared
Come just as you are

Yes says Abba
Please draw closer to My throne
With a heart of true repentance

Yes hearts
Not seeking My heart for favors
But hearts saying
Daddy what would You have me do?

O little ones
Abba says
That is how you can tell the difference
Between them who love Me, and them not really

O little ones
Abba says
Just come as you are
And allow Me to see in

Yes dearest children, yes
Daddy would want you to open up inside
To come clean
To lift up all to Me

Yes children
Yes dearest ones
Come open, come clean
Come with humble hearts

It’s so many times
Abba says
The world’s children
Can’t hear Me correctly

O come says Abba
Closer and closer to Me
The only living God

Come tell Me
Your heart’s little secrets
Tell Me those things
No one else knows anything about

Closer little ones
Closer to Me
Your Daddy-God
The only living god

Can you tell
Abba says
Little ones
I am looking for seekers after My heart

One doesn’t get a lot of them these days
No people are much rather
And boastful in their ways

That kind of behavior
Abba says
Doesn’t do lots for Me
I just wanted you to know

I love it Abba says
When people bring Me their agendas
And they say
Lord have Your way

Reshuffle if You must
But please have Your way
Children it’s no difficult task
It’s just saying Daddy Your will, Your way

I want people
Daddy says
To start loving My way
My ways of doing above their own

O yes I know
I realise Daddy says
People don’t often wanna do things My way
They much rather prefer their own

The thing is just
Says Abba
Your ways is not always the best

O yes
I like it
Daddy says
I like it a lot when people prefer My way above their own

It doesn’t happen much
Abba says
If you look in ratio to how many people is on planet earth
But it does happen

I so honor
Daddy says
Those of My children who always pray
Daddy not my will but Your will be done

You make Me so proud
Little ones
Dearest ones of My heart
So so proud

O come closer
Those of you Abba says
That do not know yet
I am only good

Yes Abba says, I know
I know a lot of you dear children prefer to see the road that lies ahead
Before you say
Okay Daddy now I am fully in, You can go ahead

O children
Daddy says
Dearest ones
Where is the faith a road with Me would require

O little ones
Faith is not to see
And then to believe
O no you are so wrong if you believe that is what faith says

O little ones
Come closer
Come please
Come see I cannot deceive

Many people say
Abba says
They believe Me
But o then they are so wrong

Many people say
Daddy says
I am wrong
In the way I believe

They tell Me often
Daddy says
O God You are wrong
Things are not suppose to work that way

O little one
Father says
How can it be
You the created telling the Creator what is to be

I know
Little ones of My heart
It’s not always easy
To understand fully My ways

That is why I say Abba says
In the book of Isaiah
My ways are not your ways
My thoughts are above your own

I would just much rather
Have you say
Okay Daddy, okay
I’m all in even though I don’t understand a thing

I don’t want you
Abba says
I don’t need you
To fully comprehend and understand always what I’m doing

Child says Abba
Dearest one
What is the fun in that
If you already know the end from the beginning

O no
Dearest one
That is not how it works in My Kingdom
I would much rather you say Daddy lead the way

Even though
I can’t see the end
Even though
I don’t know where you’re leading me to

O dearest ones
Abba says
That is where faith and trust in Me comes in
Something you don’t always have

O no
People want the answers
Long before
They are willing to follow in My footsteps

O dearest ones Abba says
I want you to start seeing
I am only good
I want you to believe it

You shouldn’t be so fearful
Dearest children
My heart and intentions towards you
Are only to do good

Yes dearest ones
I’m no fearful angry God
I’m kind and loving in all My ways

I can be trusted
Fully Abba says
With your heart
With everything

Dearest, dearest ones
Please will you trust My heart
Please will you start to see
I am only good

I know child
It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend
When things-not-nice
Happens to you

O yes I know
Abba says
The times your faith falters
And you get scared

I know Daddy says
So very well
The times disappointment comes
And visits your heart

I know
Dearest ones of My heart
The times you are tempted to let go
The times you want to give up

O I know it Daddy says
I know it very well
Those times that whisper to your heart
You are so very wrong

O children Daddy says
You should not give up so easily
You should stand your ground
And believe

O I know
Daddy says
Many times questions arise in the hearts of My children
And then they start to doubt

Did God do that
Did He say this
O children I know
Discernment is not always an easy thing

It’s hard to believe
Abba says
So hard to keep on believing sometimes
When you can’t see a thing

O child Abba says
Discernment is not easy
How to know
Is something from God, is it not

O dearest ones of My heart
Little ones
Many of My children then sometimes
Begin to double-question themselves

O yes Abba says
It happens very often
I wish you can just see
To My children on earth

How to know
Are we right
Are we wrong
How to know

O child, dearest one
I tell you this
If your heart is convicted of sin
Please give it up

Yes dearest ones of My heart
If you know
If you know there is a wall between Me and your heart
Please break it down

Child it’s just says Abba
It’s not always easy to discern
And I want the flow of communication between us
To be blockage free

O yes dearest ones
Many things
Hinder the communicational flow between us
Unrepented sin is one of those things

Let go Abba says
Please, truly
Of all things
Separating your heart from being free

O little one
Daddy says
I tell you this
Draw closer to Me

Ask Me regularly
Abba says
Daddy please keep clean
The rooms inside of my heart

Yes little ones
Daddy wants full access
To your heart
And everything in your life

O yes children
O yes
Abba knows
It’s not always easy for you to fully open up inside

O dearest ones
Abba says
I would want you to know
It’s for your own good and protection

Always be willing
Abba says
Always be willing to let go
Of all that doesn’t please Me

O child says Abba
It’s just
It brings up and causes confusion
Something I do not want to be

Let go of pride
Abba says
Let go of haughty hearts
Thinking only you know all things

This dearest children
This and unrepented sin
Is one of the major factors
Not being able to hear Me correctly

Always aim
Daddy says
To keep your hearts pure and undefiled before Me
Yes says Abba these are necessities to wanting to hear Me clearly

Always be willing Abba says
To say sorry
Sorry when you were wrong
Sorry even if you weren’t

O child says Abba
It’s just important for you
To stay and be a clean vessel
Something that’s not easy when you harbor bitterness or anger in your heart

Says Abba
Stay free from strife
Be quick to forgive

O yes little ones
O yes
Please stay free
From anything and everything trying to entangle your heart

Be free
Son and daughter
It’s for freedom
Christ has set you free

Be a bondservant of righteousness
And all that is good
Child is this not
How the Bible reads

I want you to be proud servants
Abba says
Of all that is good
In this life

Don’t love evil
Abba says
No please
Much rather repent of it and move on

Little ones
Says Abba
Don’t allow yourselves to become slaves of sin again
No, not when I have set you free

I love you dearest ones
Little ones of My heart
Come close
Come find who I truly am

So much more beautiful
So much more beautiful
Than you currently believe
This is Me

Open your heart child
Don’t be shy
Daddy is for you

I would love for you to live life with a true passion
With true enjoyment
Even in times of sorrow
There is always hope

Put your focus on Me
Abba’s child
Keep it there
Please, always

That is the best life
Abba says
That anyone can ever live
A life settled and rooted in who I am

Trust Me child
Much much more
And you will see

The best still lies ahead
It has not been
Look up dearest child
Son, daughter that is where your help comes from, Me

Have faith child, please
To believe for more
Much more than what you have seen
That is what has been prepared for you

Will I find the faith
Will I
That is what I
So eagerly hope to find

With faith dearest child
I can do so, so much
So, so much
Will you believe?


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