Greater things

You are the pillars
Of society
You dearest children
That love Jesus so much

It’s through you
That I wanna bring
Life, hope and justice
To this dark world

I always ask
Children will you form a part
Of this army
Of Light?

Yes children
There is much darkness in this world
But we can combat and stand against it
In the name of My Son

I realise it won’t always be easy
Abba says
It’s an uphill battle sometimes
But o it will be so worth it

Yes Abba says
Yes there is a constant battle
For the morals and standards of this world
To be brought down

Very few people in this world
We can bring change
We can have an effect on the generations to come

Slowly but surely
And with small steps
It is possible to infiltrate all spheres of life
Bring change

Be a light where you are
Child that is normally
All that I need you to do
Shine where you are

It’s no complicated thing
It’s easy to understand
Come closer dearest children
To where I am

I love you all so much
I would love for you to understand
Please children
Come closer

I have it in My heart
To show you deeper stuff
Deeper and more amazing stuff
Of who I really am

Will you please not keep on
Saying no
Will you come because you are invited
Will you come because I would love for you to not say no

O come
Dearest ones
Closer to My heart
Come discover the depth and breadth of amazingness in My heart

There is so much more
Dearest children
So much more
This I want you to know

I’m always asking
Will people come closer
Because I want to see
Who is truly interested

It’s to lure you in
It’s to test your hearts
Will you come children
Please, closer to My heart

This is My ask
I would love for you children
To come find My heart

In so much deeper intimacy
Than before
Do you know and realise
This could be such a reality for you

Come children
Come closer
Speak your heart child
And I will listen

I always care Abba says
About the brokenness inside
I would love for you to find out
I truly care

These are much more than mere words
Dear child
They are the truth
Of all that I say now

Come child
Come find
I am such a reality

There are many people
Daddy says
That miss out on this connection
That Me and My earthly children can have

Yes dearest children
More is always My heart
Still there are only a few ever
That say yes to this deeper invitation to My heart

O dearest children
Just as the song say

I’m pulling you closer
Dearest children
With the words that I say
I’m inviting you

There are many blessings
Dearest children
Waiting to be discovered
And unwrapped

O children
I wish you could understand
Like little children you will be
Totally in awe of what you have discovered

Little ones
Come closer
Don’t deny My heart
To totally transform yours

I need you
In My heart
I wanna tell your heart dear child
The secrets of Mine

Lovingly I would love for you to come
And take My hand
Let Me lead you child
Deeper into this journey of love

It’s always a road of discovery child
Remember this
As you come forward and say
Yes Daddy I will do this

My heart belongs to you
Dearest children
My heart belongs to you
Come find the way that it beats

I am concerned with many things on earth
Abba says
Many things
Trouble My heart

I would love to share
My concerns with you
Tell you My thoughts and plans
Of how we can better this world

O yes child
This is always My heart
To not break down
But to build up

I wanna better this world
I wanna bring change and transformation
That will last
That will be building blocks for the future

I just always want
I just always need
People that will go in partnership with Me
To bring a change

Will this be you?
Child are you willing to work with Me
To see this world change
To turn it for the better?

I would love for you to know child
Little ones
We can make a difference
Start with the ones you love

Always be kind
Be soft, gentle, tender-hearted with each other
Say words that I would say
Love completely

I ask only that you allow My Holy Spirit
To bring change within you
For Christ to be fully formed inside
Into full stature

O dearest little ones
Are you ready
To receive more of who I am
And who I can and want to be through you?

Open your hearts
Dearest children
Open your hearts
My truth is beautiful to receive

Come closer child
Come knock
Come seek
What has been prepared

It will knock the shoes
Off your feet
Child this is what I always do
Extra-ordinary in all My ways

Acknowledge Me children
And please come find
I’m waiting to show you more
I’m waiting to show you sooo much more



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