Keep trusting

Faith, faith
What a difficult road it sometimes is
I don’t know if you’ve noticed
But truly child of God it is not always easy

O no says Abba’s child
Forget it
Difficult roads will sometimes cross our path
And then Daddy-God will show us the way

O yes little ones
It’s not always easy
It’s so difficult to trust Him sometimes
To truly understand and believe all will turn for good

Perhaps it is because we never know the outcome of a thing
Perhaps it is because we never know how it fully will work
And all we can do
Is trust Him

O yes
I know
Too often child of God
This is how it exactly is for me

O yes I know
I know how it feels to sometimes
Walk in the dark and to then just believe
God will make a way

See for us to understand all things
O no that is not necessary
What we must do
Is trust Him

Trust Him little one
Trust Abba
That He will pave the way
The One who makes streams in desert places

O I know
Abba’s child says
Difficult times do arise
But with Daddy-God we can do this

O little ones
Says Abba’s child
Difficult times
Need not steal our joy

O little ones
Be glad Abba says
Always and always
For I am greater than the challenges you face

Little one
Look up Abba says
Always and always
Look up to Me

You are so very special
Precious and dear to Me
Abba says
Little one do you know this?

Never fret
Abba says
That is so My heart
Dear child for you

O yes says Abba
I would want you
To never doubt
My love or care of you

O littlest ones
Says Abba
Please, please put your trust in Me
Never ever doubt My goodness towards you

Life says Abba
May not always work out the way you planned
Still it can be so much better
If you will only trust Me

Yes says Daddy, yes
I can do the impossible
Way more than what you think
Can be done

O little one
Says Abba
Please just trust My heart
Trust I’m always working for your good

O says Daddy
Little one
Please come closer to Me

My heart says Abba
Is for you little one
Always and forever says Abba
Always and forever

Come says Daddy
Always closer
Always closer to Me

Many things says Abba
Is waiting to happen
For you
For My every child

Please says Abba
Trust My heart
Trust who I am

I am faithful
Abba says
Always-always so very faithful
You can trust Me

Child I am for you

You can trust this truth
Abba says
You can so
Trust Me

O little one
I care more than you will ever know
Sometimes you do not experience it
But child it is so true

Nothing says Abba
Nothing can stop My love and care for you
Not even this world and her challenges
Though she often tries

O little dearest ones
Come and just see
You forever belong to Me

I have bought you
With such a deep and intimate price
The King says
Such a deep and intimate price was paid for you

Little ones says Abba
Please just continue to have faith
And see what I can do

I love you littlest ones
Dear ones of My heart
Daddy cares
He cares so much for you

Know this always
Know it’s true
In My forever love
You can always, feel so safe

I will not ever let you go
Dearest child
I love you too much
You are mine, forever mine

My plans for you are good
So lovely
Daddy says
So lovely

Child Daddy says
Littlest one
I know, I know
What your needs are

My heart is always to mend
To make better
To restore
To give hope to your heart

O littlest one
In the dark times
In the days you don’t really know why and whereto
Just stay close to Me

I will always
Abba says
Show you the way
As you stay faithful to Me

Yes My dearest child
The answers will come
Sometimes slowly
But o so surely

Yes child, yes dearest one
Conviction I will place in your heart
Which way to go
Which way not

Stay close Abba’s child
Stay close to Me
So close
And you will see

I will always Abba says
Show the way
To those who need it
Those who ask

Yes My dearest one
Stay close to Daddy’s heart
So close
And I will show you the way

No reason to fret
No reason to worry
Daddy is always near
So so near

Even in the times you feel weary
Even in the times doubt comes to knock on your life’s door
I will give you the strength to endure dearest one
I am with you

Till the end of time
Never dearest ones
Will I ever let anyone of you go
No that I cannot do

Safe you are little one
Safe in your Daddy’s arms
Safe in His embrace
Till the end of time

Stay there child, please
In the place of trust
In the place of deep trust
And know I will show you the way

Trust child
Please trust Me
I will show you the way to go
As you just continue to do this

Don’t stop Abba says
Don’t stop
Make known to Me all your ways
I will show you where to go

You can trust Me little one
Just keep on
Keep on
Keeping your eyes on Me

I am for you
Till the end of all time
This you can believe

Little ones

Those who trust in Me
Will never be put to shame
Those who continue to trust Me
They always reach their destination


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