Royal Family Kids Camp 2019

Hi friends,

So I joined the volunteer team again this year!

Why? Because I believe in these camps. They just carry such value and truly make a difference in the lives of neglected and abused children. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you see their grateful faces and read their thank you letters upon completion of camp.

The children gain such valuable knowledge and have wonderful fun during this one-week-camp. It is the aim of the organisers to truly add to the kids’ lives during this week. To shower them with love and acceptance and create happy moments and memories that they will remember always.

They’re also taught about Jesus Christ. His love, heart and future for them. The theme of this year’s camp was “The Lord is our Shepherd”.

I had a wonderful teaching opportunity to share practically about this when we went on a hike whilst on camp and one young girl held my hand and lead the way. I complimented her greatly on her guidance as I saw the care she took to warn me about rocks and the way forward. Look out for this and that she’d say. “See this is who Jesus wants to be for us all, this is how He wants to lead us in life” I replied. I pray she’ll remember that beautiful illustration and great truth ALL her life.

Many thanks to all those who sow financially into the ministry work of King of Kings. It’s you that enabled me to go and be LOVE IN ACTION.

Herewith some pictures from camp.

Because of the kids’ safety we can’t really share photo’s of them. Sure you’ll understand though.

How cool is the camp song, here’s a link for you to go take a listen! 😉

Friends go visit the websites of Royal Family Kids Camps and I.C.Y. | Influencing Children and Youth for more information or to get involved.

Thank you Abba Father for the opportunities on planet earth to share Your love, being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We honor YOU! Because You care we do too.