Royal Family Kids Camp 2018

Dear friends,

Such amazing camps! This is what I thought when I watched Youtube videos about them. 

Not sure if you’ve seen my earlier post introducing I.C.Y. | Influencing Children & Youth and Royal Family Kids so herewith a quick recap. They are non-profit organisations devoted to brightening the lives of abused and neglected children between the ages 7-14.

One of the ways they accomplish this is by hosting yearly camps and mentorship programs for these less-than-privileged kids. Kids from the community that do not know and have not experienced the love and unity of a healthy family.

They put so much effort into letting these kids feel special and wanted during this 5-days camp. The kids are also introduced to the love of God, Jesus and the Cross of Calvary as well as the purpose that their lives carry.

Kempton Park hosted its first camp this year and I attended! It was held in June and what a life-changing experience it was for me. My heart was so touched by every child and the volunteers who reached out and served during this week. Jesus truly did something amazing in the hearts of the kids. It was so evident to see.

A group photo of the camp volunteers … you’re always welcome to join!

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Thank you to each and every one who financially supports King of Kings. That is what made it possible for me to go on camp and care practically and visibly, the heart of Love in Action. 

I hope to be a part of the camps in the future as well and will keep you updated!

Be blessed,