Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

Dear family,

It’s with such gratefulness that I look back on this year. A year that was tough at times but truly also beautiful because God is faithful. Here we are … 2018 warmly welcoming us and 2017 waving goodbye.

A huge thank you to each of you supporting the ministry. Thank you for reading the words, for pondering them over, for growing more intimately acquainted with God’s heart.

It’s been a true pleasure and I’m looking forward to a wonderful new year as we say farewell to the old one.

I also want you to know … from my heart, I’m deeply committed to the road Abba wants me to walk with the blog. By His grace I know we will be able to accomplish it. The best is yet to come, with God it is always a reality!

Let’s continue keeping our eyes on Him, seeking Him, loving Him and enjoying the beauty of life with Him. When we fall let’s rise. There is always hope. Our hearts may visit yesterday but only long enough to encourage us to live life more fully today and tomorrow!

Remember dear brother and sister, we were made for more. Let’s not settle for idleness and the ordinary of every day. There is beauty in many small things, amen, but the gift of life has also been given to us to entertain and host the supernatural. Let’s remember this as our steps journey 2018. I bless you all with on-earth-as-it-is-in-heaven in your daily walks!

May you enter this new year with the expectation of greater things to come. Our King is on the eternal throne and nothing – no matter what or who – can move Him from that place. With Him we can do life in victory, knowing that His love, promises & faithfulness is the forever steadfast rock underneath our sometimes shaky-feet-feeling days!

Please know that I appreciate all of you so much. It’s lovely having you a part of our family on this corner of the world wide web.

Love, always!


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