Foundations (a timely word)

Keep your eyes on Me
Little ones
Keep them on Me
Abba says

Times of distress
O how they come
But child do you see
They are so so necessary

Do you not remember
My Word says
It’s time that the true is separated from the chaff (I saw a picture of sifting for gold here)
It’s all that this time calls for

A time of purification
A true time of purification
This is all that has arrived on planet earth
And how it has been shaken, to the core of many

O how you can see
The foundation of many
Has been found wanting
In great need

Abba says
There will still be people that say
O no He is not the answer
We do not need Jesus

But for many
This will be a time of great turn-around
A time to turn to Me

Many, many will run in great anguish of heart
To the altars of salvation
Exclaiming “O no this is a time of great distress!”
A time where people’s hearts fail themselves

O they will come to Me, they will run
Because this is such a great thing for them
They will not be able to make it on their own
They will know a Savior is needed

These are great times Abba says
For the Church to ARISE
For the Body of Christ to say
Now is the time!

O little ones of the world
Run to My children
Run to their words
Listen to them, take the guidance you need

These are the questions they all face

Run to the stability of church centers, those who truly love and serve Me
Start equipping yourselves
Strong, stronger and even stronger
Get yourself strong in Me

My children if this is only the start of the birth pains
How will you cope when delivery of the end times is in full force?
O now is the time, start running
Start running and prepare yourself for the end-time harvest

Many says Abba
Many will come into My Kingdom even in the very of last days
How will they be served, how will they be helped
If the churches and My body on earth have not been fully equipped?

O children please
Let not another day pass you by
Come running into My Kingdom

Say “Abba it’s time, it’s time I fulfill the calling You have on my life”
See many things on earth
They just put the children of earth in slumbering mode
Sleeping and having fun all the time

No says Abba
The Corona-virus has been sent to wake up My church
Yes even some of those part of My body has been asleep

Little ones
I’m so thankful
So so thankful for what this Corona-virus
Has been accomplishing in the hearts of millions around the world

Yes some have continued to serve Me
As always, in righteousness and truth
But others
O how they have awoken

Children says Abba
It’s always, always time to be awake
Let not the slumbering spirit get a hold of you
Church of Jesus Christ guard against it

Difficult times call forth purity in the hearts of My children
Just determination to keep on going, never giving up
Pursue Me
Pursue Me in these times

Ask Me about My plans
Ask Me what I’m doing
Minister to My heart
Just because you want to be with Me

O there is nothing greater
Nothing nothing
Seek My heart, seek My face

And please be sure dear child
To make sure
You are part of My army of worshipers
When the end-time revival call you forth

Prepare then your hearts for those times
And know
I am the Pillar of Strength
In the hearts of My children

Can you not see o world?
How stable and strong their feet are in this trying time?
It’s because they have allowed Me
To strengthen them, to build faith muscle over the years

It comes in so handy
Abba says
The times of trials and adversity
I allow My children to walk in life

It’s because
They have allowed Me to mold
To bring change
To purify, to cleanse

Allow your faith to be tested says Abba
Allowing the purifying of My fire
Let your faith be found as gold little ones
Let it come forth as purified, holy, seven times over

It will be such a blessing to you
In the times to come, you will be able to witness
My faith has withstood the onslaughts of many
It has been found worthy

This says Abba
Is the call in this time
Let your faith be found pure
Keeping your eyes on Me, always


Friends I sense a clear invite to tell you about a book “Purified 7 times over” that is currently available as a free download. It’s been made available by Linda Chuter from Lady Rose out of obedience to Abba Father. Truly a message in season. Please go read it. We have enough time 🙂 Here is the link.

For my Afrikaans friends, I’ve posted the following blogs on Anker van Hoop this week:
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