Oceans of Love

Little one
Abba’s child
Come closer please
Let us venture into the deep together

Did you know
Have you seen
There is so much more child
Than what you have already tasted

I want to take you deep child
Deeper still
Far beyond the shores

Will you come
Dearest one
Will you please venture with Me
Into the deep blue sea that still awaits

There is this song Abba says
That tells of Me
Endless ocean, Bottomless sea
Perhaps dear child you should go give it a listen

O the deep meaning of these words
Abba says
The deep meaning
I wonder will people understand

Little ones
There are great deep waters
That await
You coming to meet with Me

The waters are scary
Abba says
For many
They say it is just too deep

O children
I tell you Abba says
The only thing it testifies about
Is Me and My greatness

O I know Abba says
Dearest children
Little ones
It can be very daunting, overwhelming in the beginning

Children let’s just launch out
Launch out together
Let’s see
Where will this journey of love and discovery take us

O child
Deeper Abba says
Come deeper

I wanna take you
Abba says
To deeper places
To unknown places not yet seen

O child please
Please come discover
The endless joy
The complete peace you will find in Me

Many people do not know this
Abba says
Many people do not know
How completely awesome I am

O children
Abba says
It’s the best thing you will ever do
Coming to discover more about who I am

My heart’s desire
Abba says
Is that we would venture into the deep together
And see where it leads

O yes says Abba
Beauty awaits
I wish you can see

No need to ever hold back
Abba’s child
No need to ever be scared
You can totally and completely trust Me

Many people Abba says
Wonder about this
Am I good
Can I be trusted

Abba’s child
How far Abba says
How far will you go with Me
Into the deep

Will you come
Abba says
Please will you go with Me
Deeper into the oceans of My love for you

Come child
Children of My heart
Deeper with Me

There is so much more children
Waiting to be found
If I could only get people to realise
There is so much more

Yes says Abba
Loads more children
Have been prepared for you
Loads more

Come child please
Come seek
In order to find
There is more

I’m waiting Abba says
To find
Seekers of Me and My heart
That will not stop at anything

Yes says Abba
I so long
I long for people to come find
The deeper realities in Me

O come children
What awaits is truly amazing

O come little ones of My heart
Don’t be scared
Come find
You will be so happy

It is so true
Just please come
And see

The boundaries and possibilities in Me
O child
They are endless
So so endless

Come child
Please come see
Please come find
I am a good good Father, the best there will ever be

O thank you Abba says
For those who trust
For those who always come

It means a lot Abba says
To have children
Never willing to stop
Always seeking for more

The opportunities for growth children
They are so many
I wish you could see
I wish you could find

My heart is always to restore
To make new
All brokenness in yours
To give you hope

Always-always more
This is who I am
This is how it can be for you dear child
O yes dearest ones

Come seek
Come find
I am so much
I can do so much more than your wildest imagination

It stirs something in My heart
Abba says
Truly, really
When I see people diving into more

O yes
It gladdens My heart
Gives Me hope for the future
That can still be

Come child, come
Please see
I am yours
And you are forever Mine

Dive deeper
Little children
Loved ones
In who I am

An endless ocean, bottomless sea
I truly am
You can never have enough of Me
It is just not ever possible

Come discover the depths
Children of who I am
The deepest depths inside of Me
Are waiting to be found by you

Will you come little child
Will you come venture into this beautiful ocean called Me
Deeper and deeper in every way
This is who I am

I cannot wait child
For you to come and discover more
I cannot wait
So excited, so excited I am for you

Little ones come
Get excited too
The great depths await
Please say yes!

Yes to discovering
More of the beauties inside My heart
More of My most perfect love
For you


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