Childless bride

Glory to God
The highest God
Forever and ever

The angels forever sing how glorious is our God

Never have they been forced
To keep on singing
Still they cannot get themselves
To ever stop

How this can be, how this can be
Many people wonder
Still they do not see the eyes of wonder
As they look upon the Savior’s face

Behold His beauty
Behold His forever beauty
This they often say
Still we cannot see

Why can we not see
Why can we not understand
The adoration in their hearts
The awe they worship Him with

Perhaps it is because
They behold His true nature
His full image
And they cannot not sing

o He is so glorious
o He is so beautiful
Have you found Him yet friend
To be just as beautiful?

I wonder
I ask
Why is it that we His earthly children
Have no real idea of who He truly is

Children I want you
I need you
To come seek Me in Spirit
To come find Me in Truth

I’m so real Daddy says
So so real
Still it is something you keep on missing children
Because you do not truly come

Come dearest children
Come please find Me
And then you’ll understand
Why the angels sing what they sing

o You’ll be joining them very soon
Daddy says
I can see
If only you will come

Dearest children
Don’t let these words pass you by
No children please come
Please come understand

You’ve been missing out on
So much of the glory Daddy says
That the angels have been singing of
Like forever

Children please
Don’t miss out anymore
On what your Heavenly Dad
Has prepared for you His earthly children

Come, come
Please come
Daddy says over and over
Please come and find out what the angels have been singing about through the ages

I love you dearest children
Children of My heart
Can you see
I love you

I love you
I love you
I love you
This is the song I daily sing over you

Yes says Daddy-God
We both have a song
I desire your love
You have Mine

o Come children
Please come and find
All I am saying now

I am your Bridegroom
Daddy says
And I need you to be My bride
Will you please marry Me?

o Come child
Please broken in heart
Broken in spirit please come

I write you daily love-songs
Daddy says
I don’t know if you have noticed them yet
They are all around

The birds in the sky
Testify of My great love
Is it the sun in the sky
Or is it the moonlit night

O child come
Please come and join the love song
All of creation daily sing

I want you to know
Daddy says
My love is endless
Without limits or bounds

Please stop Daddy says
Pleasing Me with your works
I want nothing of it Daddy says
I want your love

Your love
Your heart
Your full devotion and adoration
o Why Daddy says, why can My children not love Me like this

I don’t want idle pretense
Idle works
Idle love Daddy says
No that is not what I want

I want hearts Daddy says
Aflame and a blazing with love for Me
I want hearts seeking purity
Because they long for deeper intimacy with Me

Why can people not see, why can they not see
I love them as they are
But we can’t be fully one
If they do not start to lie down their flesh

I don’t know Daddy says
How can they not understand
For us to be one in Spirit
Their spirit-man has to grow

Yes says Daddy
Yes fully you have received Me the day you were reborn
But now it is a journey of becoming a man
Please don’t just stay a baby

Dearest dearest children
The most beautiful intimacy cannot be reached in infancy-stage
Children you know this
Still this remains something you do not want

So much maturity Daddy says
Is found in Me
So much beautiful maturity
Why keep on saying no?

My bride Daddy says
My bride
o How beautiful she is
How beautifully she has allowed Me to grow her into maturity

o You are beautiful
My bride, My beloved
You are just so truly beautiful
I love you truly Daddy says just as the bride in Song of Songs

You are the young gazelle
Coming over the mountains
Daddy says
Your heart, your hair

Beloved Daddy says
Come closer Daddy says
Come closer, join Me in My chambers

I long for you My bride
I long for you Daddy says
Why will you not come
Why will you not be My bride

No other bridegroom
Daddy says
Will ever take as good care of you
As I do

o Children
o Children
You My childless bride
Please, please come closer

Daddy says
Please come find
Deeper intimacy with My heart

I long for you dear bride
I want you to come find
I am the only one Daddy says
That will fully satisfy

I am the best Bridegroom
Daddy says
That can ever be found
Please come, please find Me

o Come
o Come
I long
I long Daddy says for My bride


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