We battle sometimes
To understand
Why there are dark times
And why we must go through them

I wish it was never necessary
I think
I wish life could be
One happy safe place all the time

Why must we go through
Dark troubled waters
Why must we be
Not happy some of the time

I wish I could understand
I sometimes wonder
I wish I had all the answers
To the questions in my heart

o I wonder
I wonder I tell Daddy
Why there are trials
Why life has its own set of tribulations

o I wonder
I wonder
I wish
I could understand

Tell them
Dearest children of My heart
Tell them that it is there
For them to grow stronger in Me

Yes children
I know
I realise
It’s not something you always want to hear

I know dearest children
Children of My heart
Life can be tough but tell Me
Do you know I’m always near

None of the challenges
In life, in your life
You have to face alone
When I am always near

Come dearest children
Come, please
Come closer to Me

Daddy says
I know dearest children
I know
You cannot do life without Me

Yes says Daddy-God
Many people try
Many people are lost
And they don’t really know where to

Dearest children of My heart
Daddy wants you to know
I can safely lead you
Through life

Yes says our Daddy, yes
Many things are always thrown in your path
But Daddy wants you to know
Dearest child with Me you can soar over them

Dearest children
Daddy is always with you
Remember this child
When life gets really tough

It’s not meant to get you down child
No not if you have Me
And you know
You are a victorious child of Abba-God

Child with Me
You can do this
You can soar on wings high
You can overcome

Child you were made to overcome
You are an overcomer in heart
Remember this
In the most trying times

With Me you will always overcome
It is guaranteed

Never fear
When I am near
Daddy says
Please children always hold this dear

Close to your heart
Father says
There where I reside

I will always-always
Catch you Father says
You can not outrun My goodness
Nor My saving arm

Children, children
I am always with you
Till the end of all time
Please do remember this

In the trials of life
Where life gets really tough
Children please come
Seek My heart

You’ll find I’m always near
Daddy says
Always near
When you need Me

Many times
Daddy says
You miss Me
Or think I’m forsaking you

That’s never the case
Dear child
Please rather keep your eyes on Me
Always Daddy says, always

It’s as you keep your eyes
Fixed on Me Father says
That I can come
And rescue you

Yes says Daddy, yes
I will always keep My children safe
From life’s storms
As they come and hide in Me

Yes child, yes
Please come
Please come and climb
Deeper into My heart

I love you so much
And I wish you could see
Just how much I care
I care forevermore

Come child, come
Please bring Me your worries
Your doubts, your cares
I will carry them for you

I can make the most heaven burden
Such as light in My care
If you’ll hand it to Me
Yes child please do

I know, I know
Daddy says
You don’t like it
But child please see I care

I never, never ask you
Daddy says
To carry any burden alone
No that is why I am there

Yes child, yes
Please come
Please always share your burdens
Bring them to Me

I am the One
That makes them light
Daddy says
I am the One

Forever you can trust Me
Our Father says
You can trust My heart

I will never allow the enemy
Or the trials of life
To give you more than you can handle
With Me by your side

Yes child, yes
Never will it be
I am with you
The only living God

I know you
I see you
I am forever
And a day with you

Stop asking
So many questions child
Rather be in a place of rest
Trust in Me

Yes, yes, yes
Trials there will always be
But you will overcome by the blood of the Lamb
And the word of your testimony

Don’t ever be shy child
Rather give all to Me
I’m coming soon the King says
I am coming soon

Until then child
Nothing will ever be perfect on planet earth
Please know this
Every day

Still Daddy says
There is something else
That I want you to know
And that is that I am always greater

Always greater
Than all the storms of life
Always greater
Than the challenges you daily face

Children don’t become despondent
Please know
I am always greater
I am always greater

Wait on Me
This is what My Word says
And you will soar
High as an eagle

I will renew your strength
I will make you
Strong and confident inside
I will give you heaven’s hope

It will be your carry-through
Until the end
You’ll see
Never cease to wait on Me


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