Glory to our heavenly Father
The One
From above

He is the most beautiful one
This world can ever know
The most beautiful one

Our Savior came from above
From heaven He was sent
To rescue you
To rescue me

Though many people today
Do not believe this to be true anymore
Still it remains to this day
An unchangeable fact

Yes many people
Will wish to deny it
Until the end of all time
Still they cannot change a fact

Before time it has been written
On the hearts of men
Still they pretend
Still act as if it does not exist

o How wrong this human race can be
Filled with so much pride
They go on
Denying the Creator of this world

o How blind a person can be
How deceived
Just look at this world
And the wrong they believe

So few people these days
Have a love for what is true, right and noble anymore
So few believe
Father-God is the ultimate truth

We believe many lies
Children of this world
We believe wrong
This I would want you to know

If you believe wrong
Know this today
A day will come when Truth will be fully revealed
And then we shall see

Before then we have a responsibility though
All children of this world
To find truth
To make sure we are not wrong

We only get this opportunity once
Lets make sure then
We are not wrong
With what we believe

o Children of this world
Be wide awake
Be aware of Satan
The one who lured Eve to do wrong in the Garden of Eden

Still he is here
Always-always seeking to see
How many Adam’s and Eve’s
He can get to also turn their backs on Abba-God

Let’s not be unwise friends
With the decisions we daily make
Let’s be aware the Cross has an enemy
One who does not want us to ever find truth

Let us not be deceived any longer
Let’s be wise
Let’s be aware
Let’s be wide awake


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