Time for an update :)

Dear friends, Trusting that you are all still well and holding fast to the hope we have in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He is coming back for His bride and through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit with us on earth we can live victorious lives. Not always without struggle but ones that truly overcome because Jesus already did. Amen? Amen! … Continue reading Time for an update 🙂

Foundations (a timely word)

Keep your eyes on MeLittle onesKeep them on MeAbba says Times of distressO how they comeBut child do you seeThey are so so necessary Do you not rememberMy Word saysIt’s time that the true is separated from the chaff (I saw a picture of sifting for gold here)It’s all that this time calls for A time of purificationA true time of purificationThis is all that … Continue reading Foundations (a timely word)

Mountain of His presence

Why is purity beautiful? Why? Because it helps you To hear Daddy’s heart There are so many blockages Abba says In the way of My children’s hearts It’s blockages stopping you from hearing My heart Abba says It’s like logs of wood Blocking a freeway From cars coming through We have to remove The logs of wood Blocking My children’s hearts From hearing from Me … Continue reading Mountain of His presence