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Why do people run from God?

One morning while spending time with our Heavenly Father and praising Him I suddenly got overwhelmed with big sadness.  Why doesn’t everyone in the world know, see or experience my King the way I do?  They run from Him but never to Him.  All I wanted in that moment was to tell the world … please you do not know Him, you do not know my God.  He is the Author of Hope not the Author of Pain.  He loves this world way too much.  I wrote the following words in my journal …

I pray that this world will see You for who You are. Merciful beyond compare. If this world would only turn to You.  They do not know You.  Why?!  I found myself asking.

And then His answer came, so powerful and strong I could hear it coming from the deepest part of me …

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The King

Someone cares about your heart, His name is …


Who is the King of Kings?
Who is the Lord of Lords?


The vessel

Hello friend, it’s great meeting you!

I am Letitia Pienewald, a one-of-a-kind and down-to-earth kind of girl.  I should say lady as I’m in my 30’s already.  I was born and still live in beautiful South Africa, that is the southern tip of Africa.


A new heart

First thing to realise and make your own … your Heavenly Father’s heart hurt when you hurt. 

His desire or heart for you is not pain. His dreams for you are so much bigger than your dreams for you.


Love in action

Where love becomes more than just a nice word.

Making a difference … just like we are, with what we have, where we can.

In short … making this world a (much) better place.

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Beautiful! Really enjoyed this. #KissOfKindness

I love your blog and the beautiful imagery you paint through your poems.