About the King

Someone cares about your heart, His name is …


Who is the King of Kings?
Who is the Lord of Lords?
Yeshua is His name dear friend
Yeshua is His name

Some of us know Him as Jesus
Some of us know Him as Saviour
Some of us know Him as King
Some of us know Him as None

Does this make Him any less real dear friend, does it?
He is the Creator of heaven and earth
He is the Son of God
No matter how many times we think about it

No matter how many times we try and deny it
The King of Kings is Jesus
Saviour of heaven and earth
Is His beautiful name

More precious than silver
More costly than gold
Jesus is His name
Saviour and friend of this world

King of kings dear friend
King of kings I tell you
We cannot change a fact
We cannot change the truth

It has been laid before the foundations of the earth
Before anything ever existed
It was written on the stars
It was written in the heart of men

We know it deep down
We just try and pretend
The song our hearts desire to sing is…

Beautiful dear Lord are You
Beautiful Your name
Beautiful Your precious name
We make you King of kings dear Lord

We make you King of all
We desire to know the King that gave His all
A King, yes a King
That gave His all

How precious and beautiful
The song You have put in the hearts of men
How beautiful the beauty of Your presence
How beautiful the wonder of Your name

We exalt and lift Your name high
Lord of lords, King of kings
We honor and praise Your wondrous name
Your name Jesus is worthy of all praise

For a long time I’ve traveled
Searching for the meaning of life
Living life as we all do, going from here to there
Doing what everyone does, life

Then I discovered the One
The One that gives meaning to all
Jesus is His name dear friend
Jesus is His name

He loves us with an everlasting love
He loved us with His all
He gave His all, His life
For yours, for mine

Through Him I now live
Through Him I now love
Through Him I now do my best to live a life
Bringing worth and honor to His name

I love you precious reader
With the love of Jesus
I know you not
But Jesus does

Be blessed
Dear friend
Until we meet
Until we meet again


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