Mountain of His presence

Why is purity beautiful?
Because it helps you
To hear Daddy’s heart

There are so many blockages
Abba says
In the way of My children’s hearts
It’s blockages stopping you from hearing My heart

Abba says
It’s like logs of wood
Blocking a freeway
From cars coming through

We have to remove
The logs of wood
Blocking My children’s hearts
From hearing from Me

So often
I speak
Abba says
So few hear Me

Children will you please
Start to remove the blockages
From the pathway
Leading to Me?

Yes many times it’s difficult
It’s not an easy road coming to Me
But for those who are willing
I have made a pathway

Purity of heart Abba says
O how I need it
How I long for kids willing to come up to Me
Saying no to their flesh

O little ones Daddy says
If you only knew
How brightly
The Way of Purity shines

Don’t deny My Holy Spirit
A place of honor in your hearts little ones
Don’t stop her from perfecting the way of the Master
In your hearts and lives

I long for you holy ones
Made holy with the blood of Jesus
To pursue holiness
To start practising it in your daily lives

O little ones Abba says
Do you not know, do you not realise
I can only walk a road of intimacy
With those who are pure in heart

Pure in heart
Not perfect Daddy says

Is your heart broken
Abba says
For the sin in your lives
Little ones?

Are you constantly
Allowing the Holy Spirit’s fire and light
To pursue
The insides of your hearts?

Are you an open book?
Is it a heart’s desire
To know Me
More intimately?

O Abba says
It’s so easy to tell
If someone is
Truly a lover of Me

So easy Abba says
It can be seen in the way their eyes lit up
When they talk about
Or see Me

If your heart is on fire for Me
Then letting go of sin is an easy thing
Not easy in overcoming but easy in letting Me help you
Die to your self and its desires

Pursue My heart little ones
Not the desires of your flesh
Many of My children long for purity
They understand this Word from My heart

Still there are others
Never willing
To say no
To their flesh

Little ones please
Does not My Word say
Seek Me with your whole heart
And ye shall find Me

How many of My children Abba says
Pursue Me
With a heart of holiness
A true priority in their lives?

The Word says
Abba says in Psalm
Who can ascend
Up to the mountain of the Lord?

The Word states little ones
Go read it in your Bibles
Those who are clean in hands
Pure in heart

Do you want to ascend
This Holy Mountain of fire to Me?
O little ones then you must be prepared
To lie self down and follow Me

Yes up the mountain of Holiness
Yes up the mountain of Purity
Many Abba says turn this road of holiness
Into a road of must we and must we not

Please do not tick
The desires of My heart
Abba says
Like you do a to-do-list

No My little ones Abba says
That’s not My heart for you
It’s never been
It’s to be a friend and true companion of Me, like Moses was

He was such a meek man Abba says
Always ready to obey when I should ask
No he was not a perfect man
But he was so pure in his intentions

His heart
Was set on Me
Following Me
Obeying as I ask

O little ones of My heart
Will you ascend into the mountain of My heart, true intimacy
With purity in your hearts, clean hands
As you come up to Me?

Yes little ones the fountains of your heart
I need and want to make clean
So that the fountains of Heaven
Can spring forth from your hearts

Do you not know little ones
Have you forgotten
The Holy Spirit’s promise is to let your heart overflow
With living waters from the well of heaven?

O little ones
My Holy Spirit has a work
She needs to complete
In the heart of My every child

To remove the heart of stone
And give you a new one
Gentle and soft for My voice
Help Me Abba says, please, to help you

Come up
Come up the mountain Abba says
I want to have fellowship with you
Commune from heart-to-heart

Little ones
The choice I leave in your hands always
It’s not a must
It’s an open invitation

Will you say yes
To the greatest door of favor
That has ever been given
To this world?

To know Me
To know Me intimately
Through the dead and resurrection of My Son Jesus Christ
It’s such a possibility for all

Thank you for coming
Thank you for not standing only at the foot of the mountain
Trembling in fear
Allowing others to come up to Me but not doing it yourself

O no little one
Through the foot of Calvary
You are accepted
You are loved

Come please
I’m waiting for you
In great anticipation
I so wish you could see the eagerness with which We wait on you

Me, My Son and Holy Spirit
We cannot wait to start this journey with you
Will you come up to the mountain of My presence


Note from the writer:
Throughout the years of me finding and growing intimacy with God I definitely found obstacles in my way up to the mountain of His presence. It’s often times so much easier said than done. Building relationship with God. Perhaps for you it is not the issue of a pure heart but not knowing or realising really who you are in Christ. I can relate. Perhaps it is not knowing if you can trust God fully and if He will hurt you when you do surrender? Perhaps it is just wondering can God truly give me a new start and do I have a destiny? Also here I can relate. I had many issues to work through in this journey with God. Yes, it’s not always easy. We’ll have to push through till the end but I can tell you today. God is so so faithful and He is so good. I’m so glad that by His grace I can continue. The best is still to come! With this said, I want to encourage you … If you truly want to build relationship with God but you’re so unsure as to where to start, what to do, etc. can I just offer my sincerest help to you? I know God has placed me on this journey with the blogs to also help you discover what I have found. The lessons learnt was not in vain. Remember Intimacy with God is not for a chosen few but for all willing to go deeper with Him. So please, don’t hesitate. Ask your questions. This truly is a beautiful platform that Abba has given us. Let’s use it for His glory and the extension of His Kingdom. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. One thing I also want to mention, daily I’m also still growing. We should always have such teachable hearts for Holy Spirit hey. O it is just wonderful though. It blows my mind every time I discover one of the amazing gifts He left us on this journey. It is sooo worth our whiles! What is it that you’re learning in your journey? What has been a true struggle for you?? Those just starting out, those walking with Him a while already. Please tell us. Together we can build community here and ascend up the mountain of His Presence. Thanks so much for sharing your hearts with me. Tons of love in Jesus, Letitia.

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