Broken heart > New heart

First thing to realise and make your own … your Heavenly Father’s heart hurt when you hurt. 

His desire or heart for you is not pain. His dreams for you are so much bigger than your dreams for you.

Problem is … we do not trust Him.

We put our trust in so many other things, so many other people but never in the One Person worthy of all our trust.  All our heart.  You can trust Him with your heart dear friend, you can trust Him with your life.

All our lives start broken, from the day we are born each day adds its trials and tribulations.

We live in a broken world, the thing is our Father wants to come take that brokenness in our heart and heal it.

Do you want to stay broken?

Do you want to die broken?

Start trusting Him today, one step at a time.  He comes and gets you where you are.  He will help you every step of the way.  Don’t rely on yourself, don’t listen to the voices in your head.  He is standing with open arms, please stretch out your hand and put it in His, you can trust Him dear friend.  He will never ever, ever hurt you.

Father-God fully understands how tender, brittle, how precious your heart is and His heart is not to add to the brokenness already there.

He wants to heal all that pain and give you a life of abundance and full of joy.  Trust Him with your brokenness dear friend.  There is no hurt or pain or sorrow too big or too great for Him to mend.

Trust Him dear friend.  Your journey could start today.  It is never too late, you’re never too old.

Make today the day.  The time is now.

Will you continue to keep on holding on even if you don’t see immediate results?  Will you keep on trusting the One who sent His Son to die for you?  Will you keep on trusting His love and His heart?  Quick fixes do not bring lasting joy or happiness.  God is working on that.  Fullness.  Lasting joy.  Peace and happiness you can’t buy with any amount of money on planet earth today.

People see the outside, God sees the inside.  We can’t hide that from Him.

You’re not hurt?  Look at the fruits you’re producing.  Do you break other people down? Do you make fun of other people?  How are the words coming from your mouth?  That is not the obvious, everyone is not doing that.  Slander and gossip should not be the norm.  There is a root, it is your broken heart.

Father-God wants to heal the pain, the brokenness, put your trust in Him.  Give Him a chance.

You’ve tried so many other things.  Did they work?  Really?  Or are you just trying to convince yourself?  You know what lies in your heart.  Judge for yourself.  Be honest. 🙂


Take the 1st step, don’t hesitate.

Is this what you anticipated life to be?

Is this what you imagined?

Is this all you hoped for?

There is more friends, so much more to life than what we are currently living.  Sooo much more!

How do you get a new heart?  You invite Jesus into your heart and make Him King of your life.  Spend time with Him daily … reading His Word, talking to Him.  Your journey has begun, He will guide you step by step if you commit to keep on holding His hand.  Remember He loves you!

You can!