Blaming God

Deep in my heart
Lives the desire
O to know You more
How absolutely amazing that will be

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Moments of wonder

Look up dearest child, look up
Daddy sees you
He says He knows
Your fears, your failures, your all

Do you know dearest one of My heart
Loveliest one
Daddy is with you
And I know all

Nothing can separate us child
Although many things try
I love you dearest one
I love you with all My heart

Dearest one
Abba says
I invite you
Please come closer

Please come see
Daddy says
What I hold in My heart for you
O it is beautiful dear one, it is so beautiful

I need you
Little ones
Abba says
To come closer to Me and My heart

I know Daddy says
Many things try to distract
Many things are constantly trying
To steal away your attention from Me

O dearest ones
Come says Daddy
Come closer, come feel My heart
Come see I am for you, always

Kind and gentle is My heart
Abba says
So kind and gentle
Towards those who love Me deeply

O little ones
Abba says
How can I not be gentle towards you
Your hearts are so soft for Me

Gentle and kind
Abba says
My heart
Always is

I wish people could see
I wish people could find
All of them
How amazing He is

My loving Abba Father
The One in my heart
The most forgiving and gentle Daddy
So strong and full of wisdom indeed

I love my Abba Father
Truly so much
So much, so much, so much
I wish people could see Daddy how totally awesome You are

People do not believe it Daddy
They so not even care to find
You’re so lost little ones
You are so lost, Abba sees

You’re so lost
Abba says
Will you come
Will you come find Me

Many things says Abba
Many things lie within the heart of man
Not all are good
Not all are beneficial to you

o Little ones Abba says
Will you come find
I am so much more than your wildest craziest dreams
Father says in the best way that could ever be

O dearest ones
Daddy sees
The deep desires in your heart
The cares

Will you please
Little one
Bring them to Me
I am kind, you can truly hand them over to Me

Make Me a part
Abba says
Please little one
Make Me a part of all that is going on inside of your heart

I want your love child
So much Abba says
So much
So deep is the desire for intimacy with you dearest little one

O says Daddy, o
Come My beloved daughter
Son of My heart
Come closer to Me your Heavenly Dad

I so wish for us Abba says
To taste
All that was prepared for us
All that a heavenly marriage with Me can taste

I want us to find each other
In a deeper way
Son, daughter
In a deeper way Abba says

There’s too many people on planet earth
Abba says
That miss out on this connection
Me and you can have

O little one Abba says
Dearest one of My heart
Will you come see
I am for you

Always and always
I am for you
Always and always
I am kind, even to those who do not love Me

I so wish Abba says
More people in this world
Will start to see
How truly good I am

o Child, o child
Littlest one
Dearest one of My heart
Please come closer to Me

There are secrets in My heart
Abba says
A lot
And I truly want you to come find them

O little one Abba says
Come closer to Me
Please draw closer, much closer
And you will see

It’s a journey of faith
Dearest one
Son, daughter of My heart
It’s always a journey of faith

Many things Daddy says
Can’t be explained, they must just be felt with the heart
O dearest ones I would want you to start seeing
That is who I am

Many things Daddy says
Can’t be explained
Many things
Still this is who I am

I write Abba says
The most beautiful stories of love
On the hearts of My children
Without you being able to see

O stop Daddy says
Please, those of you who always ask a lot of questions
Who always say
We want to see

Can you describe Abba says
Fully dearest child
What happens to your heart
When you see and experience the most beautiful of sunsets, or is it a sunrise?

O little ones
I know Abba says
A lot of you appreciate them both
You can never choose 🙂

Aaahh it is just beautiful dearest child
I agree
I can so often see
The words of wonder and inexpressible joy that is written on your hearts when you see them

O I know Abba says
I know
Even though you can’t see or you maybe won’t agree
Your hearts are honoring Me then in the most beautiful of ways

It’s like your heart is saying
Admitting in that moment
O my
There truly is a King

I always admire those times Abba says
Those times that clearly say
I am God
I am King over this world

It’s just
I wish
Abba says
You could truly find Me

If I can just say
Abba says
That feeling of total wow-ness
O child it is Me

Yes says Abba
Yes child
That is Me
Me in all My fullness, splendor and glory

O little ones
Abba says
O little ones
Come to Me

I wish for you to see
I wish for you to find
Little dearest one

Come closer Abba says
Just closer
Admit your heart says Abba
Has tasted Me

O Yes in the most glorious of ways
Often says Abba
I am in all the true beauty you will find in this world

Not the artificial kind
Abba says
No the most beautiful purest form
Of truly beautiful

Those times
Abba says
That leaves you breathless
That leaves you in awe

It’s like you can only stutter and say
Wow, wow, wow, wow
Those moments Abba says
That just truly takes your breath away

I’m in that moments child
I am that moments child
That leave the believer and unbeliever in this world
Totally awestruck

Yes says Abba
That would be Me
I am the only guilty One
Of all the pure beauty in this world

The undiluted kind
Abba says
Those that do not need any human decoration
Those that are just beautiful as-they-is

O child says Abba
The world is full of them
So full, so full
It’s everywhere, just see

From rocky mountains
To snow-tipped peaks
From love is in the air
To a new baby has been born

O child I am in everything
That truly takes your breath away
Everything that truly makes this world sing
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow

Yes this is Me
It has always been Me
Little ones
Can you not see?

Why not Abba says
Why do you not want to believe what your heart is constantly telling you
Every time it says there must be more to life than this
O child, dearest ones

Your hearts know the truth
It was written from the start
You just have to believe
Yes child, yes

You have to start believing the truth
That is where true faith comes in
Faith saying I’ll believe what my heart is constantly saying to me
There must be more to life than this

There must be more
This can’t be all
I know it deep down
I will believe

O child Abba says
I wish you can see
Just how very happy you make Me
When you start to believe

O child says Abba
Dearest little ones
That is all I always ask
I want you to believe

In Me
My Son
And Holy Spirit
Now on earth with you

O little ones Father says
Do you know you are never alone
Never ever Daddy says
Never ever dearest ones

I love you so much
And I wish
I wish for you
To truly see

O little child
Dearest one of My heart
Please come see
Your Heavenly Dad is not at all like those on earth

O yes says Daddy
Some of them try and I do commend that
Still they so not come close to Me

They try for perfection
Daddy says
I am perfection
In all the ways that I deal with My dearest children on earth

O children
There is nothing
Nothing and no one like Me
I am the Only One

The only one that is purely good
Loving and kind in all His ways
The one Abba says
That owns all true wisdom

It’s because dearest child
I am all these traits
That I can actually profess them
To be true

O yes child
Says Abba
I cannot lie
I do not even know how to fathom a lie on my own

It’s something says Abba
That truly disgusts Me
All over the world I just see
People who slander, people who lie

O child I want nothing of that
It’s not Me
It’s not something I ever want to be
O no I truly am so thankful, so grateful, that purity is Me

Purity in all forms and shapes
That is Me
Truly and always
I cannot deceive

I don’t know Abba says
Why people so often forget this
They don’t even want to know, some of them
Sadly most of them, I have to rephrase

O children, little ones
Dearest to My heart
Come closer, please come find
The truth inside My heart

I am not at all
The God people in this world
Make Me out to be
O no, I am kind, loving, strong, gentle, all-powerful in one

I cannot be deceived says Abba
I see all through your hearts
I know what is going on
In each and every one of them

Will you please start Abba says
By putting Me first
First and above all other priorities in your life
Above all trying to steal your attention away from Me

You always need to be aware
Little ones
You always need to stay aware
I am for you

It’s something
You some days forget
But child it is not ever necessary for you
To do this

You do not ever, ever child
Need to doubt My goodness
My Son came to show you
This is the purest of truth

O little ones
Can you see
Do you not know
I am for you

There’s too many people on planet earth
Doubting My goodness Abba says
Too many people believing
I am not only good

O child, dearest ones of My heart
I want you to start believing this
For real
I am only good

Yes, yes
Only good Abba says
Only good, all the time
As the song says

You need to start believing Me
Little children
You need to start believing
The pure goodness of My heart and intentions towards this world

O yes children, o yes
My heart for this world is good
I’m not the angry man
So many of you make Me out to be

Some of My own children believe
I am a God of wrath
Someone who longs to punish and hurt this world
For all its wicked ways

O children
Daddy says
It brings Me no pleasure
To see this world ache and in so much need

It doesn’t pleasure Me Abba says
Not at all children
Not at all
I so wish you could start to believe this

There are many people
Many people Abba says
That forget
I am for you

I showed you this
Son, daughter of My heart
Little ones
When I sent My Son

When I sent My Son Daddy says
I actually sent Him with the message that said
Go tell them Son
I forgive them

Yes says Abba, yes
All the wrath
This world deserved
Was put on My Son

He carried it son and daughter so that you do not ever have to
Will you accept this offer of purest love
Child will you say
I love you Daddy and I so want to get to know You a whole lot better

O yes child, yes
That is how things could be
For Me, for you

O child do not let the sins of this world
Separate us any longer
Just come and say
O Daddy, I need You, I need You so much more

That is the best way dearest children
To get free of sin and all that entangles you
Be free in Me says Jesus
Admit you did wrong

It’s all that is truly necessary
Abba says
You need to believe in Him
The One that paid for your sin on the Cross of Calvary

Thank you Jesus
Thank you
For coming
For loving me

O yes, child of God
You can also be
Just as I was forgiven
You can also be

Yes come child
Come closer to the Throne of Grace
There forgiveness, favor and pardon
Is awaiting you

You’ve always been in My heart
Dearest little one
You that was lost
But now are found in My Son

Thank you dearest one
For coming
For loving Me more
For putting your trust in Me

That is Daddy says
What truly pleasures Me
A lost son and daughter
Returning home

Nothing gives Me such pleasure
Abba says
Nothing delights My heart and makes it smile
As a child of Mine, back in My Father-arms

Such joy
Such joy it brings My heart
Come now child, come please
You have found favor in My sight

It’s for you, this invite
Broken, lost soul
Please, please return to perfect uncondemning love
Which is and always has been, Me

Glory to our Father
Up in heaven
The only living god
The Prince of my heart


A whole new life

Come to Me
Says Daddy
Come children of the world
Closer to My heart

You’ve been searching
Says Daddy
Low and high
Low and high still you did not find Me

You’ve been looking for Me in the wrong places
Says Daddy-God
You’ve been looking for Me in the wrong religions
I am the Only One

Yes says Daddy-God
Many sins have been committed
Still you have not found Me

Can I tell you dearest child
Daughter, son of this world
Come closer
Come through My Son

o The love you will find
Says Daddy-God
In the love of My Son
In what He did on the Cross of Calvary

That is the dearest and realest truth
This world can ever find
The love of My Son
When He died on the Cross

Yes many people
Throughout the ages
Have found this to be so true
‘o The joy they have found in knowing the name of Jesus Christ

You feel so heavy
Son, daughter of this world
You feel all-forgotten
As if no-one in this world truly cares for you

I know of all the burdens
You daily carry
Jesus says
And I carried them for you on the Cross of Calvary

Yes says Daddy-God
This is what My Son did on the Cross of Calvary
He carried all your sin
All the heavy burdens you now carry

I gave a promise in the Word of God
Daddy’s Son says
A promise that I would carry and lift your burdens
If you would hand them over to Me

Is this something you would want to do
Says Abba-Father-God
Would you hand over your sin and shame
And trust Me to make you whole and light again?

Yes says Daddy-God and His Son
This is what We can do
All because the sins and shames of the world
Was borne on the Cross of Calvary

o No sin
No shame
Can ever diminish and take away what I did at Calvary
Forever they will keep on bowing their knee

What I did on Calvary
Was free
It was out of love
It was so that you could grow to know the love of the Father that is in Christ Jesus

o Son, daughter of this world
You can always come
You can lie your burdens at My feet
And trust Me to make all things new for you

o Child
You need to trust
You need to trust My heart of love for you
You need to trust I am only good

Yes says Daddy-God
Many, many people on earth
Daily searching for answers
They know not what they need

They have not found Me yet
Says Daddy-God
They have not found
I love them

I love them so so much
Each and everyone of them
That is why I gave My Son
For them to know and experience My love

You children of the world
You that feel so extremely lost
Can I ask you to come closer
Can I ask you to please encounter My love

I love you dearest son
Daughter of this world
I love you so so much
That is why Jesus came

You have experienced Daddy says
In your life
Many times of disappointment
Many times that your heart has truly been hurt

Daddy says
I can see child
I can see
You are truly broken on the inside

You have been feeling
For many years Daddy says
As if all hope was lost
Never again to ever return

Child can I just tell you something
I am hope
I am forever hope
Never able to be lost

I am so kind
Son, daughter of this world
It’s My kindness now drawing you
Deeper into My love

o child I know
Dearest-dearest one
Life has not been fair to you
You have been so hurt, many times over He says

Can I encourage you child
To please look up
To look at Me
And to please take My hand

Even if it is just for a moment longer
Even if I can just say
Whisper in your ear
Child I’m sorry for all that you went through

I know child, I know
Says our Father-God in heaven
You have been hurt deeply
All beaten up on the inside

You’re so hurt child
Daddy says
I see the pain and hurt
Bundled up on the inside

Can Daddy just say
If you will give Me a chance
I can make it all-all better
Yes even the deep pain from your past

Daddy would want you to know child
I have this promise in My Word
The Bible it is called that says
I make all things brand new in the name of My Son

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
Even though you feel your life
Has been wrapped up in pain, condemnation and loss
I can still make all things brand new for you

Child if you would only hand Me
The smallest bit of faith you can master up
I can still do something with it
It can be as small as a mustard seed

Child that is all-all I need
To bring you hope and comfort again
To bring you hope that was lost
To bring you hope you never had

Child I know says Daddy
It’s been difficult
In your life you’ve seen many ugly things
Ugly things indeed

Child I’m so so sorry
I’m sorry for all the faith you have lost
Since you have been a child
Since the dark days came

Child I’m so so sorry
Daddy says
Will you please forgive Me
And know I can make all wrongs right?

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes I can restore, make whole and mend
All the brokenness Satan brought into your life
He is the one who steals, kills and destroy

I’m sorry child
That I could not prevent wrong choices
Even though I tried
Every person still has something called free choice

Yes child I’m so sorry
Sorry that I made life with consequences
Because I couldn’t force
Or make anyone believe in Me

I’m sorry child
Sorry that people could make their own choices
And still blame it on Me when everything falls apart
I’m sorry

I’m sorry child
I’m sorry for so many things
Even though I’m not responsible for any of it
I am truly sorry, truly sorry

I know it is so difficult
Trusting Me and hoping
That everything could indeed turn for good
o Child I tell you this, that just takes us to another promise in My Word

Everything turns for good
To those who love Me
To those who are called
According to My purpose

Child I tell you this
All things
All things
I can take and make good

Yes says Daddy-God
Even the darkest, baddest pasts
Children I can still make them good

Many testimonies
Dearest child
Fill this world with hope
Broken stories made anew

o Child, o child
I wish you could see
I wish you would believe
It could be the same for you

Yes says Daddy, yes
It could be
Don’t allow hopelessness to steal child
Please believe there is still hope

Yes says Daddy
For you broken child
A whole new life is waiting

Yes says Daddy-God
Just as with the world of Aladdin
There is a life of possibilities waiting for you

Child I tell you this
Truly, really Abba says
Believe in My Son
That is the start

You’ll have to forsake all others child
You’ll have to let go of all other false gods
I am the only true real and living God
The one that loves you, the one now offering you My hand

Child I tell you please
You can do this
You can take My hand
Please allow Me to lead you into a brand new life

I love you so so much child
So much
Thank you so much for allowing Me
To bring hope, healing, love and light to your broken soul

Child you can find
You can know Truth
I am Truth
I am Jesus Christ

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
I am the door to My Father’s heart
Come child, come
Please come find eternal life in My loving arms

Brand new child
Brand new you will feel as soon as you allow My love in
Just open up son, daughter
Please invite Me in

Say this child
Loving daughter, son of the most-high God
I am loved
My Daddy-God just found me

I repent Daddy
I say sorry
For all the wrong in my life
All the wrong I did

Daddy I refuse
To let Satan steal
One more minute
Of the beautiful life we could have together

Daddy I come now and I say
I believe in your Son Jesus Christ
I believe He is the only way
I now accept Him as my Lord and Savior

I say thank you Jesus
For carrying my burdens and sin on the Cross of Calvary
Today I give You my life
Please come and live in me

Please make me strong in You
Please help me to daily allow Your love to change, renew and heal me
I love you Lord Jesus, I love you Father

Child you are now
A son, a daughter of the most high God
Daddy will restore all that was lost and broken
Thank you for choosing a brand new life

We bless you child
Son and daughter of God
Your journey has started
Thank you, thank you for allowing Me a place of honor inside your heart

Many beautiful things
Have just started to grow
You feel the difference already
I can see 🙂

See child, see
Daddy-God is a good God
Through the pressures of life
I will always be there

Continue to grow child
Continue to get to know Me better each day
Talk to Me, daily
And see how I will show you the way

Thank you daughter, son
I honor you
I say thank you
Please know you also have a very special and dear place in My heart

A place no one else could ever take
A place specially reserved for only you
I’m so glad you said yes
So thankful you now took up your rightful place inside your Daddy’s heart

I missed you
I missed you so much
Thank you dearest-dearest child for today
For starting your walk with Me

I will carry you son, daughter
Through the ups and downs
I will protect you
Never again you will ever be alone

Thank you Jesus, Amen.