Second Chance

Bring your sorrow
Bring your pain
Allow the King of kings
To bring you ease

Ease of all your pain
Ease of all your sorrows
This King truly understands
He cares for all

Your burdens He will lighten
If only you will give it over to Him
Will you allow Him to mend
And make new all your brokenness

This is what He can do
For all people
Willing to hand it over to Him
Willing to trust Him

Will you give Him
A chance
Will you allow the King
To make it all better

He can do the impossible
He can do what people cannot do
He is the miracle-working God
There is NONE like Him

Will you trust Him
Will you allow Him to touch your heart
With new hope from above
With a new beginning

This is what
The God of gods
King of kings can do
For all who believe in Him

Will you come
Will you give Him a chance
The opportunity to make all things new
To bury the past

Dearest King’s children
People of the world
Don’t carry your burdens alone
Bring it all to the Cross

The Cross of Calvary
The price that was paid
The blood of Jesus Christ
Set’s all sinners free

It breaks all bondages
Yokes there will no longer be
Bring your burdens to the cross
Trust Him to set you free

The price that was paid
On the cross of Calvary
It rewrote history, set us free
To once again be reunited with the King

Let us trust His heart
Let us come to Him
Let us bow down
Let us allow Him to make us brand-new

A second chance
We have been given
And all of humanity
To believe Him

Let us take this opportunity
Let us not show Him the door
Let’s surrender our hearts
Let’s make Him the one true King of our lives


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