Glory to the King
Worthy is the Lamb
Yes Amen

We give You
Abba Father God
All the love and praise
You alone are worthy

Thank you for making
All things new
Thank you for giving us
A second chance

To know You
To love You
Father-God our hearts
Are so very thankful

Thank you for never giving up
Even in the darkest times
Thank you for always
Being there

Father please flood our hearts
With more life
More hope
For us to truly live for our King

Your love we want to spread
Wherever we go
We truly want to be
The light in this dark world

May Your Kingdom come
May Your Kingdom be established
On earth as it is in heaven
This is our heart’s desire

Please fill this earth with Your glory
May Your presence
Truly live inside our hearts

We do not want to serve and love You
We want to give our hearts
Passion and lives to the King

Father-God please help us
Each and every day to lay down
All that doesn’t glorify and honor You
Our precious King

We want to live lives
That will truly bring
A smile to Your heart and face
Hearts truly loving You

Father Abba-God
You so deserve this
Your heart is so kind
Your heart is so soft

Thank you Abba Father God
For loving us so much
For truly caring
You are just lovely

Father-God we long
For Your presence
To overtake our hearts and lives
We want to live fully for You

We want a passion in our hearts
We want a burning flame
For You and Your Kingdom

Thank you for being who You are
Thank you for setting us ablaze
We want to live for Your glory
Dearest King

Saturate our hearts
And lives Abba-God
Make Your glory known
In and through us

Father-God renew our minds
Make and help us
To think like You
For this is truly LIFE

Help this world and its people
To truly trust You once again
To trust the beauty
Of Your loving heart

You truly are just beautiful
And this is what we find
When we set our hearts and eyes on You

You help and take us
Through the fiercest storms
Father-God we so love
And appreciate You

Father-God please take us deeper
I want more and more
And more of You
Father we truly want Your all

We want You presence
In our daily lives
We truly want to experience
Your power working in and through us

Father-God thank you so much
For filling our hearts
With new hope
For giving us peace

Father-God you truly are
The One our hearts adore
The Anchor of our souls
The Lovely One

We live to know You more
Your glory is complete
In those
Fully surrendering to You

And Abba this is what
We want to do
We want to give our lives and hearts
All that we are

We want to say
Father let not our will be done
But always, always Yours
For this is truly the greatest prayer

And though we cannot always see
The good of such a prayer
We will continue to trust Your heart
We will have faith

Father you are just so good
You are just so kind
You truly are beautiful
In all Your ways

I pray and ask
That this world
Will truly get to know You better
May they truly fall in love with You

Father you are good
You are kind
You are glorious
We give You all the love and praise

From our hearts
We want to say
We want to mean it
There truly is no-one like You

Thank you for giving us
Your Son
Thank you for loving us
Thank you Yeshua that You came

May our lives always show
The obedience and love Your life has shown
A life of true surrender
To the will and glory of Abba Father God

Glory to the King
This is what our hearts
Wants to continue to sing


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