Daddy’s forever yes

Deep in the corners
Of my heart
That is where
My Daddy resides

I’m so happy
So thankful
I could find Him
That He didn’t say no

Many times we wonder
Before ever coming
Am I good enough
I wonder will He say yes

That is just it
My dearest-dearest children
Daddy already said forever yes
On the Cross of Calvary

Forever you will be good enough
Daddy says
To find Me, to seek Me
To love Me

Yes says Daddy-God
Forever My dearest children
Daddy said yes
At the Cross of Calvary

My dearest children
Children of the world as well
Can you see
Daddy said forever yes

Many times Daddy says
People are led astray
To believe lies
Lies I never said is so

Yes says Daddy-God
Performance-based love
Probably being
The main peanut in the pie

Yes says Daddy-God
It’s been many years children
That you have been believing
Many lies

From I can not come
To no not now
o I’ve heard it all
You cannot tell Me anything new

o Yes says Daddy
Many things I’ve heard
Many lies have been told

o Children
I want you to see
Says Daddy
You can have My forever love

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes children
You’ve had it for many years
All you need to do is say yes

Yes says Daddy
Say no to performance-based love
Say yes to My forever perfect love

Yes says Daddy
It’s been many years
That Satan have tried to squeeze in his lies

He is always busy doing this
Says Daddy
He is always busy telling My children and
Children of this world they are not good enough for Me

Children Daddy wants you to believe
I am good enough
This you should say
As Jesus already said it on the Cross of Calvary

I only want you to declare and admit
What has been set in stone many years ago
Children you have to believe
I came for you

Yes says Daddy
And I would do it again
I would tell you I forever love you
All over again

o Dearest children
Can you not see
Why do you not believe
You are forever good enough for Me

No good deeds says Daddy
Will ever
Earn anyone
The free gift of salvation which is for all

Yes says Daddy, yes
I know
This is something the world has made cheap
Because of their disbelief in Me

This does not change facts though
Son, daughter
The Cross of Calvary
Still testifies of My forever love

Yes says Daddy-God
So much I love you children
Forever is not enough to tell

I hope it would be
But I’m not so sure
Perhaps we should try
Eternity Love

o My children
Daddy says
o My children
Come, come to Daddy

Just as you are
Says Daddy
Don’t aim for something more perfect
When you are just perfect the way that you are

o Come children
Please see
I long for you

I long for you to come find
The worth and value
I deposited into you
The day you were born

Yes says Daddy-God
Not the day
When you were brought into this world
But the day you were birthed inside My heart

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
So many beautiful purposes and plans
I have dreamt up and deposited into My children
Before they were sent to this world

o Children, o children
Sooo much value
Each and everyone of My children carry
So much

Children I want you to believe
You are here for a purpose
You are here with a plan
Do you know what it is?

Come dearest children
Come please
Come knock on the door of My heart
Let Me invite you in

I love you so much children
Each and everyone of you
Even those who hate Me
Even those who disbelief

My heart’s desire for this world
Daddy-God says
Is for every person
To truly find Me

This is the realest happiness
Anyone could ever have or hope to find
Trust Me
You’ll need to believe first

o I love you
Dearest children
Lost children of the world
When will you come find

Stop, please
To deny My truth
A place of honor in your hearts
Daddy says

Can you not see
Why won’t you believe
That’s the only way the veil will fall from your eyes
Son, daughter if you believe

Yes says Daddy-God
Believe My words over the truths of this world
They are only lying to you

I came
Says the Lion and the Lamb
To slay and destroy sin forever
So you could be free

Yes says Daddy-God
My forever love swallowed up the fear of forever hell
Yes says Daddy-God
That is what happened on the Cross of Calvary

Yes says Daddy, yes
I believe in you
I know you can come
I know you can do this

Forever is a long time
Dearest child
To be lied to
Don’t let this be you

No says Daddy-God
Rather just step into the freedom My Son obtained
On the Cross of Calvary

Yes says Daddy-God
To the lost and feeling unworthy children of this world
Come find your forever worth in My Son

Yes children
Come pick up the forever victory

I gave My Son
Daddy says
So you could once again find
So you could once again see

Yes children, yes
Many things you have lost
When mankind said yes to sin
In the Garden of Eden

Still says Daddy-God
I came back
And I redeemed what Satan stole
By what My Son did in the Garden of Gethsemane

Yes says Daddy-God
He gave Me His life
He surrendered all when He said
Daddy not My will but Yours

o How very proud I am of My Son
Daddy says
Jesus Christ
Savior of this world

Many things says Daddy
He forfeited because of
His obedience to Me
Still this is what He chose

I’m so proud of Him
For not looking only at fleeting pleasures
But obtaining and holding into focus
Eternal value

How much this is something
I also want to teach My children
With some it is not so easy
They can just not get themselves to look past the passing pleasures

Such a difficult lesson indeed
To teach My children
I battle sometimes says Daddy
I really battle sometimes

It’s just really easier says Daddy
For My children to believe
I am God
And all will be okay

Yes dearest children
This often times is the case
But still there are times
Trying times will arise

Yes says Daddy-God
Many times I will allow
Certain situations to test your faith
Yes says Daddy-God we must determine if it is as gold

My dearest children
I know
I understand
Many times it is tough

Can I just ask you
Dearest children
To always continue to believe
I am with you

Yes says Daddy-God
In the darkest, deepest valleys
I am always with you

Never forget this
Father-God says
Not ever children
Not ever

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
Many times I will bring you to a fork in the road
A place where you should truly choose
My will or God’s will

I know it’s never easy children
But I need to know
Daddy says
If you truly believe

Yes says Daddy-God
It’s so easy for My children to say they believe
Still when certain situations come?

Children I need to know says Daddy-God
Are you in this for you
Are you in this for Me?

Yes says Daddy-God
That is all My Son came to display on the Cross of Calvary
The laying down of His life for Mine

See says Daddy-God
It’s not always easy to follow My road Daddy says
But it is so worth it

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes My children
This is what I would want you to learn and take from the life of Jesus
His obedience to Me and My will

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
This is why He came
To honor Me and My will with His life
Will you do the same?

Though it is tough sometimes
Children though it asks much
Will you continue on
Just honoring Me with you faith and love

Children I know
I know, I know
I know Daddy says
It’s not easy

But in the end
You will see
You will say
Every step was worth it

Just as Jesus did
Once He ascended
He was so happy He came
Happy and thankful because nothing was in vain

None of the pain or loss
He carried or experienced
Could compare with the glory of His resurrection
And those who believe

See says Daddy, see
I know it’s not easy, I know it’s tough
But children believe Me please
The day will come when you will be truly thankful

Yes says Daddy-God
It’s because you will have the full picture
You will fully see in the looking back

Will you in the meantime
Trust Me child
Will you trust
Though you cannot fully see?

Trust My heart dearest children
When it’s hard to believe
Trust the beauty inside My heart

Come dearest children
Please come see
I love you so much

I favor those that I love
Says Daddy
I shower them with My
Love, goodness and peace

Come children, come
Please see
Please believe
I am with You

Run into the arms of your Daddy
The times you are scared
The times you get afraid

I’m here for you child
Together we’ll do this
Me and you till the end
We can do this


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