Pain’s hope

Broken hearts
I can mend
Daddy says
Did you know this

Many broken hearts
Are found in this world
Broken and so sad

Many times
I wonder
Do people know
I am the Mender of all brokenness

Yes dearest children of the world
Daddy would want you to know
There is nothing I can not make better
If only you will hand it over to Me

Never be scared
To do just this
The King of the world asks
I have the most gentle heart and hands

Yes dearest child
Daddy loves you so much
This is your Daddy in heaven I say

Yes children
Daddy understands
Many hurts lies in your heart
Stacked up on the inside

Many sorrows says Daddy-God
You have grieved over for many years
You have started to believe
Nothing will ever ease the pain

o Yes says Daddy-God
Yes children of the world
There is still hope
Even in the very dark places

I love you so My children, so much
That is why Daddy made a plan
In the beginning Daddy determined
No pain will ever last forever

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
Every pain in this world has the
Potential to be made whole completely
With My love and grace

Yes says Daddy-God
No pain is made to last forever
Only until it meets
My love and grace

Yes says Daddy
Children there is still hope
I am forever hope
Not forever pain

I am here to give you
Eternal hope children
As long as I am there
There is always hope

Please always have hope
That things can turn
For the better ’cause
This is just who I am

Yes says Daddy, yes
No need to always mourn your losses for all eternity
When I am the One
Who can fix it with My care

Yes dearest children
People of the world
Daddy care
This I want you to know

Never withhold your heart
From healing
Daddy says
Please child rather come

Yes just as you are
Just as you are child
I love you so so much
And I came for you

I came to repair
Daddy says
All the wrong in this world
All the pain that was caused

Dearest children
I can do all things
All things Daddy says
This I wanted you to know

Always bring your sorrows
All your pains
Never hold back child
Never hold back

I am the trustworthy King
The Only One who can completely heal
Come put your trust in Me
And child, you will see


One thought on “Pain’s hope

  1. Dankie Here dat U ons gebreekte harte raak sien ons harte is stukkend en vol pyn en bekommernisse maar wie ken ons harte beter as U.

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