Most beautiful love

A long time ago
I gave you My heart
Daddy says
To the children of this world

Children, children Daddy says
My heart aches
As I never see truly
People who love Me anymore

Yes says Daddy
I gave My heart to sinful people
I gave My all
When Jesus died at Calvary

o Children
I tell you this
Daddy says
Please, please come

Please come and discover Daddy says
Truly what I am all about
Please come and discover
More of this most precious love

o Children
Daddy says
Children of the world
Come closer please

If you cannot see
Father says
If you cannot experience
I love you

I’ve loved you since the start
Daddy says
Since the beginning of time
I gave all I got

I love you so so much
Daddy says
Still dearest world you have found so many ways
To trample on this most beautiful love

You have made it so cheap
Daddy says
The affection and love
I have for you

I keep inside My heart
The most beautiful treasure
Towards you
Daddy says

Why have it become so so cheap
To many people of this world
Daddy says
So so cheap

Children of this world
You have made it a love to be walked upon
To be laughed at
o Children can you not see

For those of you who have found My love
For you who have found it to be so
Faithful, perfect and true
Thank you

Thank you to those who believe
And have found
My love is the Steadfast Rock
That has been testified about throughout the ages

Yes says Daddy-God
My love is like no other
No song on planet earth can truly ever explain

I’ve made love
Daddy says
I am Love
o Children please come

There are many children in this world
Daddy says
Many people still
Who have no idea

o Children come
Please find this most perfect love
I’m talking about

Yes says Daddy, yes
You often sing about love
In your worldly songs
Still it is nothing compared to what I feel

You know but glimpses children
Of the love I have for you
You have not yet found fullness of love
That is something you will have and find only in Me

o Yes children, yes
Those that do not believe
That such a perfect love could exist
Please come closer

Come find
Says Daddy
Come find please
Come closer

I would love
To teach all of you more
About this most wonderful gift
I created when I made you

Yes says Daddy
You and everyone else in this world
You were in My heart
Since the start

Yes says Daddy
Yes children of the world
Many things have come
Tried to steal this love

Many things
Many things
Even until this day try to steal
The love between you and Me

I ask you children
People of this world
Please do not allow Satan anymore
To steal the beauty of what we can have together

I came says Daddy
From the start I had a plan
To conquer your heart
With this most beautiful love

Yes children, yes
Since the start I knew
I had to come
I had to send My Son

Yes for you
To find love
Says Daddy
For you to have love

o Children Daddy says
Come closer
Come please
You who know Me, you who don’t

Come come closer
To Me
Your Heavenly Dad
The only one who loves you perfect child

Come find Me child
Come find Me
Daddy says
Come find that l love nothing like this world

I love deep and strong
I love soft and tender
This is just who I am

I love you children
I love you so much
I wish you would come find
The love I’m talking about

Come deeper
Come seek after Me
Come find
Child, son, daughter of the most-high God


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