Storms of Life

Will you please
Keep your eyes on Me
In the most difficult
And trying times of life?

It’s in times like these
When you really need Me
That I am especially close
This is what Father says

I do not want you
To face difficult situations alone
I want to carry you
I want to be close to you

So many of My children
Not allowing Me
To carry them in trying times
To comfort them in times of need

I need you to make Me
A part of your pain says Father
When difficult and painful times come
Please keep your eyes on Me

Dearest child
I know what you need
And I will carry you
To the safest place within My heart

Please do not shut Me out
When you go through tough and painful situations
Please allow Me in
Please make Me apart thereof

It’s only by making Me
A part of the pain
In your heart and life
That I am able to carry you through

I know it is difficult My dearest children
The situations you sometimes face
I know it drains life
I know it makes you to lose hope

My dearest children please
Allow Me a place in your heart
Allow Me to ease the pain
Allow Me to go through the storms of life with you

I do not want or need you
To carry the heavy loads of this life
All on your own
Dearest children I want to help you

Please will you allow Me asks Father-God
To just come in
To relieve the pain
To bring ease

This is what I so badly
Want to do for My children
Father says
I want to bare the pain for you

I know it’s difficult
Dearest children
I know life sometimes
Get’s really tough

My dearest children
Children of the world
You can trust Me
To ease the pain, to get you there

I do not want you
To be so scared
When I am all around
When I will carry you

I love you dearest children
And I want you to know this
Through the storms of life
I will carry you

I cannot stop all of them
Father says
But I can carry you
Through each and everyone

I am the One
No storm can ever conquer
I am the One
With who you are forever safe

Dearest children
Will you trust Me
Will you trust My beautiful
Heart of love for you

I will never let you go
Says Father-God
I will never drop you
In My hands of love you are forever safe

Dearest children
Will you please trust Me
Will you please let go of the shore
Will you please come and reign with Me

Dearest children
My heart and hands of love
Is the safest place
Anyone can ever be in

I love you dearest children
And this is what I want you to believe
From today on forward
Please more and more

I love you with an everlasting
Very deep love
Will you please believe Me?

I know of the tough times
The tough situations
My dearest children
You so often face

Dearest children
I want to help you
There is no need for you
To go through them alone

My dearest children
With Me you are forever safe
Not because difficult times will never come
But because I will carry you through each and everyone



Building Houses

Faith is such a difficult thing
For so many people
I wish I could understand
Why it is so difficult for people to trust Me

See so often
People make their own plans
Because they do not see the end
They can not understand My ways of getting there

Dear children I want to teach you
The beauty of faith
It is to trust Me every day
Not only now and then

See so often My children
They come and visit Me
Asking Me to show them
And lead them in the way they should go

And as soon as I do Father says
As soon as I show them which way to go
They turn their backs on Me
Continuing to run with their own plans

O okay so that is what the Lord
Wants me to do
That is what He meant
Let me see where can I begin?

Dearest child I do not want you
To run from Me the moment I show you the first step
No dear child, no
It is then when you should stick to Me, hear Me out

Because dear child
I am not asking you to run away with My plan
No says Father I want you to stay
And allow Me to walk this road right alongside you

Yes Father says
There will be times for us to run
But there will also be times for us to be still
For you to wait and hear what does my King have to say

See dear child I do not give you
Something that you will need to do without Me
No dearest child when I give you something
I want you to know I am there building right beside you

Dearest child, dearest children
When will you realise, see or perceive
What it is that I am talking about?
Come to Me and stay with Me, do not run ahead

Sometimes you run so far ahead
It is difficult for Me to understand
What is My dear child doing?
When did I tell them to do this or that?

Do not run ahead Father says
And leave Me behind
No dear children we need to be in this together
Until the very end

See the Father says
So often My children are busy running around
With their own plans
It does not even involve Me

Yes Father says it might have started with Me
But am I still the One running the show?
Dearest children I want you to please trust Me every day
For the day ahead

I do not need you to make Your own plans Father says
There are enough in this world
Where will I find children willing to let Me
Lead until the very end?

This is what I long for Father says
Children willing to follow Me until the very end
Dearest children please I do not need you to go ahead
And make your own plans along the way

So many people starting good Father says
But what do they end up doing Father asks
So often they end up so far removed
From where I wanted them to stay in the first place

Dearest child I want you
To pray about everything
I want you to always say
Dear Father please keep me in Your perfect will

I do not want you to run ahead
Because this is what so many of My children do
I give you an inch
And then you just take it and start to run

Dearest child please I need you to stay
In a place of constant dependency
Constantly in a place
Where you are hearing from Me

Because so often Father says
My children run ahead of
My heart, will and plan
That it takes work just to bring them back

Back to a place of dependency
Back to a place where they say daily
Father let not my will be done
But only Yours

Dear children what does it help
To run ahead of Me and My plan?
It is as if you are saying I do not have a perfect time or plan
As if you are saying ‘Lord I can see you need help. You cannot do it on Your own.’

Dear children please do not run ahead
Of My plan and will for your lives
Trust My Timing
Trust My Perfect Plan

Dearest children I know it is not always easy
But it teaches you patience
It teaches you trust
It keeps you in a place of constant connection with Me

I do not want you to move without Me Father says
Like Ruth told Naomi
Where you go, I go
Where you stay, I stay

I do not want you in a place or situation
Father says where I am not
I want you to stand strong and firm
In your belief and faith in Me

I can understand dear child why you are always so eager
To tackle all things, build them up and make them stand
But have you considered dear child why
Why bother when I am not the One building the house?

So much time, money
Opportunities, effort
Have been put in building houses
That I know nothing about

Dearest children please stop doing that
Do not start to build houses if you are not sure
I am the One building with you
There is no time for that Father says

Dearest children please
I need you to be building on houses
I am building on
I do not want you to waste your time on things and plans not from Me

Dearest children can I ask you
To stay in a place
Where you constantly hear from Me
To not be so kept-busy that you cannot hear Me talking to you

See dearest children you need to make
You need to make time hearing from Me constantly
See dear child this is where you will find out and know
Which houses I am currently building on

Constant communion Father says
This is what I long for
With each and everyone of My children
Never disconnected Father says, always connected

See dear children you do not always realise
But when you have run so far ahead of My heart, will and plan for your life
It is so very difficult to hear the words of truth and direction
I need you to hear

It is when you have outran Me
With your plans and decisions
That you can no longer hear Me
It is then that you do things out of My will

So many decisions being made daily
Father says
That do not include Me
No dear child, no, it is time you come back and hear from Me

Stay close to My heart
Dear child
Always, always
This is what the Father says

It’s because dear child
When you stray from My heart
You also stray from My will
Stay close to Me Father says

Constant communion Father says
This is what I want from you
Stay in the place right alongside Me
And only do as I leads

This is what the Father asks
This is what He says
Will you dear child
Will you?

Will you realise
I am the Way, Truth and Life
And you can truly not do anything
Of value without Me?

You need to be carrying the fruits
I want you to carry
You need to be doing
What I want you to do

Dearest child will you?
Will you await and expect
My leading
In your every day?

Will you ask Me to place big peace in your heart
When you’re in My perfect will?
Will you ask Me to always bring you back
When you stray away Father says

I will always continue to seek you
Father says
I will always try to bring you back
But dearest child you need to realise the choice always solely rests upon you

Dearest child please do not ever run ahead of Me
Let My will and perfect plan
Let it be your rest
Let it be your carry-through

I will finish it for you the Father says
I always do
Dearest child all I need from you
Is to continue holding on and to trust My heart

Dearest child please do not run ahead
Stay next by My side
From the beginning until the very end
This is what I ask from you.

Promises from God

How do we know
When something is a promise from God?
It is Word that I gave which you will be able
To trace back in time

It is Word that you will not be able to deny
Because dear child you will know
You will know
I have spoken to your heart

It is Word that have carried you
Through tough times
A Promise that you have cleaved to
In very dark times

See My promises are given
To give My children hope
To carry them through
Difficult and trying times

A promise is a word that gives you hope
In times of very little hope
It is something that tells you all will again be better
As long as you continue to journey on

See Father-God says
Each and every single promise
Is given to give you hope
It is meant to bring hope to your heart

See dear children My promises
Are the fulfillment of the hopes in your heart
It is My promises that will hold you fast
Give you hope to hang on

Dear children I know of the tears you have cried
I know of the tears you still cry
All because you refuse to let go of My hand
Even for a second

I know dear child of the promises
You cherish in your heart
I know the Father says
Because I have placed them there

I am a Keeper of My Word
I am always watchful to bring it into fulfillment
All is part of a bigger picture dear child
If only you will never decide to let go of My hand

And when dear child, when is it time
For the promise to be fully embraced
Please do not shut it out
Please do not deny the fulfillment a place in your heart

Because dear child I can understand
Sometimes you have held on for such a long time
It is difficult for you to comprehend
The time has now finally arrived

I want you to believe dear child
That I have done the work
I want you to keep on proclaiming it
I do not want you to ever let go

Will you please not
Will you please not ever let go?
Will you keep on believing
Professing my God can do ANYTHING

For NOTHING is impossible with My King
This is what I would want you to say
Because dear child these are words of faith
Words of life spoken over your heart

Dear children these words will give you faith
It will built faith within your heart
Dear children have you forgotten
This is what TRUE FAITH is?

It is believing when you see nothing
It is believing there is no other way to go
This is faith dear child
True faith

Believe, believe
Keep on believing and then you will see
You will the Father says
You will.