A lesson from Adam & Eve

People these days they do not trust My heart
Why is this the Father asks
Why is it they so quickly forget
Adam and Eve chose to do the same

They did not trust My heart Father says
They longed to be one with Me
Still they allowed sin
To enter their hearts

Dear children do you not see
Do you not perceive
I love you
And My heart towards you has always been good

Today you are so privileged Father says
You know how things worked out
You can look back and see
Where it is that Adam and Eve went wrong

See dear child, do you see?
They did not fully and truly trust My heart
They wanted to see before they believed
Will you dear child allow the story of Adam and Eve to be a lesson to you?

See what they did?
See where they went wrong?
They believed the lies of Satan over My words
Up and till today dear child I tell you it is still exactly the same

People, people do not trust My heart
They do not trust Me
It is as if they believe My words
Are just the same as theirs

See dear children I can see and I know
All the idle words you speak each and every day
Some of them so full of promise
Some of them filled only with lies

See dear children it is as if you believe
I am not for real
I can lie
I am here only to deceive

Dear children I am not like you Father says
Not one inch of Me
Is filled with any lies

Dearest child, dear child
When will you see
When will you fully take it in
I am the One and Only true living God

I came not to deceive
I came for you to have life
I will lead you to Life
If you are willing to believe

Are you dear child
Are you willing to believe?
I know faith is trusting
In what you cannot yet see

Faith is the most beautiful thing
Father says
It’s saying you believe
And then you will receive

See dear child this way you are safe
And I get all the glory
This way we both win
Other-way around you would seize to be

No one will be saved by their good works
You’ve proved it Father says
Without Me no one is able
To uphold My Law

My Law is good Father says
My Law is Life
If you would come you would see
All things I ask always leads to only life

If I ask you to live a certain way
It is because I love you
Father says
Not the other way around

I love you Father says
I loved you so much
Dearest child when will you come
When will you truly believe?

No one on earth is like Me
No one can do what I can
Dearest child please do not be afraid
Please will you come and live for Me?

No condemnation or judgement
You will find in Me
Only words building up and cheering you on
Saying I-believe-in-you

See dear child I know through Me
You are able to do all things
With Me all things broken-and-old
Will become brand new

I want you to be fully dependant on Me
I want you to fully trust
And I can do all things

I just love it when you are fully dependant on Me
Father says
It says you fully trust and love Me
Full reliance says you know I am the only one able to come through for you

I know it is not easy for you Father says
But dear child it is actually by far the best thing to do
It is best for Me to show the way
And for you to trust My way

My way is always better Father says
Trust Me dear child
Truth, goodness and kindness
This is always Me

I am a faithful God Father says
Show Me your faith dear child
And this what you will see
You can dear child, you can fully trust Me

Help me dear Father to trust you like this
Like a little girl trusting her earthly dad
When he picks her up and spins her into the air
Knowing her daddy will for sure catch her again in his strong and beautiful arms

For I truly do Father-God
I wanna trust you like this
Yes Hallelujah
Say Amen.