Simply Ask

How can You love us so much Father-God
Why did You make us
I so wish this world, me
Never turned their back on You

I so wish we trusted
I so wish we were perfect
Then there would never ever be any need to hurt You
We would never turn our back on You

But dear child you would
That is what you did!
You would believe you are better than Me
Just as Satan did

Remember dear child
He was perfect in all his ways
A perfect being
Do you remember dear child what he did?

He got so high
And exalted in himself
He chose to turn his back on Me
He thought he was superior to Me

Dear child it is best for you
To truly just depend on My grace
See dear child when difficult times and challenges come
It shows you I am the One you can depend on

You can trust Me dear child
You can trust Me with your all
It’s not good for you to think you have it all together
Because you truly don’t

My Son’s cross on Calvary
Paid the price
Of your weaknesses
On your behalf

It’s good for you to trust Me
It’s good to know you cannot do this by yourselves
It’s good to be dependent on My grace
It’s good dear child to know you are standing only with Me holding your hand

See dear child it keeps you in a place of humbleness
A place of humility
A place where you are teachable
A place where I can lead the way

See dear child that is what happened to all of you
You turned high and haughty in your thought of Me
If you could only see I had it all figured out long before time ever began
I have loved you dear child since the beginning of time

I love you with an everlasting love
I love you Father says
I love you
That is why I had to make a plan

I knew that if you were ever
In a state of perfectness
You would turn your back on Me
Just as Satan did

That is why I created the Garden of Eden
A perfect garden
Humans as perfect beings
The choice to serve Me being fully yours

Do you see dear child what Adam and Eve did?
They did exactly the same as Satan
They chose his words over Mine
They chose themselves to be as gods

See dear child, see what being perfect did to your lives?
It made you fall Father says
No one can be perfect in all their ways, all their days and still serve Me
It is impossible Father says

That is why I had to send My Son
That is the beauty of grace
Me upholding you
With My mercy and love

Some of you will never ever admit
You do need help from Me
That is the haughtiness I’m talking about
See dear child you have brought it on yourselves

It is good to be dependent Father says
It is in your best interest
Do not boast about all you do right
Be silent and thank Me for My grace

Because dear child
It is My grace
That upholds you
With My righteous right hand

I want you to believe Father says
In the validity of My Word
My Word is the only truth
That is what the Father says

Let go of fables and other opinions
Just trust Me
I say again
It is good for you to depend on Me

It is safer that way
Now you know dear child, you know why Paul said
If I boast, I will boast in my weaknesses
For then the power of God is made strong in me

You have all followed the way of Satan
Believing you could be as Me
All have sinned, all have fallen short
Of the glory of Father-God

Do you see dear children, dear child of God
The plan I made to save mankind?
I sent My Son so you could boast your strength does not lie in yourself
But it is of Father-God

See I will sustain those who put their trust in Me
Those admitting they do need My help
And they cannot do it
On their own

Therefore boast in your weaknesses Father says
And know I am the One who makes you strong
Admit it regularly
Admit it every day

I am saved by grace
It is only through Him that I am able to stand
I know the desires in My children’s hearts the Father says
I know if it is words only and if it truly comes from the inside

I will help those who put their trust fully in Me
To those who do not…
How much longer do you think you will be able to stand
Without asking Me for help?

See dear child it is good to boast in your weaknesses
To admit you do need help
There is no greater pleasure for the Ruler of the Universe
The Sustainer of Mankind to stretch out His hand and help a person in need

All you have to do is simply ask
This is what Father says
And then know
I will make it all better for you

No shame in asking Father says
No shame
Ask dear child
And see how I will come through for you.