Storms of Life

Will you please
Keep your eyes on Me
In the most difficult
And trying times of life?

It’s in times like these
When you really need Me
That I am especially close
This is what Father says

I do not want you
To face difficult situations alone
I want to carry you
I want to be close to you

So many of My children
Not allowing Me
To carry them in trying times
To comfort them in times of need

I need you to make Me
A part of your pain says Father
When difficult and painful times come
Please keep your eyes on Me

Dearest child
I know what you need
And I will carry you
To the safest place within My heart

Please do not shut Me out
When you go through tough and painful situations
Please allow Me in
Please make Me apart thereof

It’s only by making Me
A part of the pain
In your heart and life
That I am able to carry you through

I know it is difficult My dearest children
The situations you sometimes face
I know it drains life
I know it makes you to lose hope

My dearest children please
Allow Me a place in your heart
Allow Me to ease the pain
Allow Me to go through the storms of life with you

I do not want or need you
To carry the heavy loads of this life
All on your own
Dearest children I want to help you

Please will you allow Me asks Father-God
To just come in
To relieve the pain
To bring ease

This is what I so badly
Want to do for My children
Father says
I want to bare the pain for you

I know it’s difficult
Dearest children
I know life sometimes
Get’s really tough

My dearest children
Children of the world
You can trust Me
To ease the pain, to get you there

I do not want you
To be so scared
When I am all around
When I will carry you

I love you dearest children
And I want you to know this
Through the storms of life
I will carry you

I cannot stop all of them
Father says
But I can carry you
Through each and everyone

I am the One
No storm can ever conquer
I am the One
With who you are forever safe

Dearest children
Will you trust Me
Will you trust My beautiful
Heart of love for you

I will never let you go
Says Father-God
I will never drop you
In My hands of love you are forever safe

Dearest children
Will you please trust Me
Will you please let go of the shore
Will you please come and reign with Me

Dearest children
My heart and hands of love
Is the safest place
Anyone can ever be in

I love you dearest children
And this is what I want you to believe
From today on forward
Please more and more

I love you with an everlasting
Very deep love
Will you please believe Me?

I know of the tough times
The tough situations
My dearest children
You so often face

Dearest children
I want to help you
There is no need for you
To go through them alone

My dearest children
With Me you are forever safe
Not because difficult times will never come
But because I will carry you through each and everyone


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