Pearl without price

King of my heart
I want you to forever be
The one my soul adores
The one I cannot ever be without

Daddy will you please let this prayer be
The foundation of my heart
My life
The Rock my house is build upon

Daddy I honor Your beautiful heart
I so, so honor who You are
And what You do on planet earth
There is just no-one like You

Daddy will You please
Draw us closer
Let us see more of who You truly are

More radiant than the sun
This is who You are
Your rays of love
Have brought so much brightness into my life

o Daddy-God
Thank you so much for being truly beautiful
Thank you for caring so much
There is none like You

You fill this world
With so much hope
Every time You don’t give up
Every time You decide to keep on pursuing our hearts

o Daddy-God, o Daddy-God
Who will ever be like You
No one, no one

o The Lover of our hearts
The most beautiful one
The pearl without price
This is who You are

Daddy thank you
Thank you for being so faithful
Through all life’s demands
For keeping us safe in storms

o Daddy-God
With You we can
We can conquer the mountains in life
We can truly be conquerors

o Daddy-God
Thank you so much
For the gift of eternal life
That You instil in our hearts

Because of You
We have such hopes for the future
Because You will never ever give up on us
Because You are always near

o Daddy-God
Father in heaven
Because of You we can always carry-on
With this journey called life

You have given us Father
The grace and the opportunity
The favor
To live life on earth with You

What a privilege this is
Daddy-God we are so thankful
Thankful that You chose us
That You loved us, first

o Daddy-God
The joy, the joy I have found in You
There are no words to describe
You truly make my life complete

Daddy I pray today
I pray for all those who need it
Will you please let hope grow in weary hearts
Will you lift them up and give strength again

Daddy thank you so much
Thank you that You always care
You lift us up on eagle’s wings
You let us fly with You high up in the sky

Above the problems of this world
You reign as King
You cannot be brought down
No matter how great a trouble the circumstance

Thank you so much
That you are forever King
Please also reign in my heart always

With You Daddy-God
We can truly thrive in life
Just as the song says Daddy
You have truly overcome

We bring our hearts
We say
Lord we love You
Please make these words as true as gold

Life sometimes hands us lessons
Hard to learn
Hard to understand
Still through them You can grow us strong

Daddy we ask
Please make our faith real
Real as it can be
No compromise

Daddy we often say
Just as Peter did
Lord I will never deny You
Then the cock’s cry

o Daddy we know
We realise
It’s sometimes so easy to say I believe
But then the dark night hits

Daddy please give us the faith
To keep on believing
Even in the darkest of nights
That we will continue to believe You are still good

Many things Daddy-God
Many things on planet earth
Try to diminish and make less our faith
But it will not be as long as we believe in You

Yes Daddy-God, yes
Our faith in You
Will give us the victory
Every time

You are so much stronger Daddy
Than the battle-giants we face
With You we can slay them
Bring them to the ground

o Daddy You are so much bigger
Help Your children to see
Those who shiver in fear
Those who do not believe

You want us Daddy
To walk by faith
And not by what the world says
What we see

Help us daily Lord
Please Abba
To believe like this
To have faith as a mustard-seed

We can move mountains
This is what You said
If we would only be firm in faith

You can do the impossible
We do not need to know how, what or where
We only need to believe

Yes many times over
You will ask us to believe
To have faith
To profess Your words

o Daddy You do this
So we can reach
Even deeper levels of Your love
And what confidence in You can do

It’s not always easy
Walking through dark valleys with You
Still it is so worth it
When we look back and we can clearly see

o Daddy You own us
You bought us with such an expensive price
The life of Your Son
We say truly thank you

Thank you Daddy
For sending Your only Son
To die on a cross
Because You loved us so

Daddy-God says yes
Yes I did love you then
I love you still
As I love My Son

It was so hard to send Him
Father says
To this broken world
Still Him and Me knew it was the only way

I had to come the Son says
There was just no other way
I had to believe, I had to trust
God will make a way

I was the perfect sin offering
Daddy-God’s Son says
There would never again be any need
For a goat or lamb to pay a price

Yes says Daddy, yes
My Son
Is the most perfect sin-offering
This world could ever have or hope to have

I am the only one says the Son
Who could ever pay such a price
I was the Lamb without blemish
The most innocent one

I could never sin
The Son says
Even if I tried
I am the One without sin

That is why
That is why I had to come
No spot or blemish
Was ever found in Me

I am the Only One
Abba-God’s Son says
There is no one like Me
The perfect sin offering

I had to come
I had to come pay
The wages of sin
So that man did not have to

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
Remember dearest children
The story of Abraham
The one where he had to offer his son

I told him this so that I could give you a foreshadow of what was to come
Men had to pay for their sin, be slaughtered
But then I provided a way out
I provided My Son as the offer-lamb

o How I wish
Abba-God says
My children of today could see this
That they would believe

I showed you this picture
Daddy-God says
So that You could always believe
I will come through for you no matter the cost

o Children
I’m so trustworthy
I wish you could see
If I truly had My knife in for humanity there never would’ve been the cross

My Son was the perfect offering
For the sin of this world
This is why He came
To show you I am love

He did what any good bridegroom
Would do for his bride
He gave His life
So that Me and My bride could once again be one

This is what He did
This is the price He paid
All because we loved you
All because you had to be saved

o Children I wish
Daddy says
More people in the world
Will start to believe the correct version of the truth

Yes children, yes
So many people believe wrong
About these events
People do not know the truth

They do not know what really happened
They only assume
They have it right
And I am wrong

I would want and ask you
To open your hearts
Dear friends of the world
Those who do not yet have any in commune with Me

Will you please
Pursue My heart
The way I do yours
This way you are sure to find the truth

Don’t give up so easy children of the world
Your lives in eternity are at stake
You could be wrong
Rather make sure now

Your lives depend on it
Children of the world
Your lives in eternity
On the choices you make today

Don’t be naive
Don’t be stubborn
Children the time to make sure
It is today

There is no time to waste
Children no one is guaranteed tomorrow
Do you really wanna take such a chance
With your eternal soul?

Dearest children
Once people fall into the flames of hell
They cannot come back
Only regret will remain

Tears of why-did-I-not-listen
Screams of how-could-I
Children please
Please do not ever let it be too late

I love you children of the world
Still I cannot help or prevent you
From choosing hell
No matter how hard I try

I try often Father says
So so often
To bring you back, to reconcile our hearts
Still I cannot make the choice for you

You have My heart
Beautiful ones
You have My love
Please pursue Me

Please come and pursue truth
Please come and find it now
Children you do not ever want it to be too late
Believe you Me

I own happiness
I am happiness
Children please come
Pursue Me

My Word promises children
Those who seek they will find
My Word promises
Seek Me first and all other things will be added unto you

Children Daddy says
The time is now
Please, please come closer to My heart
Please come find the truth about Me

If you’re still reading
Child I’m so proud of you
Thanks for caring about your eternity
Thanks for thinking just maybe I am wrong

You are child
You are so wrong
Please keep on pursuing
Please keep on finding My heart

You will be so so happy
That you did that child
It’s a lifetime guarantee
Guaranteed 🙂

o I love you
I love you broken children
It’s this love
Urging Me to write this letter to you

That is why I keep on
That is why I can never stop
o Children please come
And take up your places in My heart

There is an emptiness
Where you belong
This I want you to know
Please keep on searching, pursuing

I so want you to find
So so much
I wish you could see
I’m holding up My breath

o Child please
Please keep on
Don’t stop now
You’re almost, almost there



Storms of Life

Will you please
Keep your eyes on Me
In the most difficult
And trying times of life?

It’s in times like these
When you really need Me
That I am especially close
This is what Father says

I do not want you
To face difficult situations alone
I want to carry you
I want to be close to you

So many of My children
Not allowing Me
To carry them in trying times
To comfort them in times of need

I need you to make Me
A part of your pain says Father
When difficult and painful times come
Please keep your eyes on Me

Dearest child
I know what you need
And I will carry you
To the safest place within My heart

Please do not shut Me out
When you go through tough and painful situations
Please allow Me in
Please make Me apart thereof

It’s only by making Me
A part of the pain
In your heart and life
That I am able to carry you through

I know it is difficult My dearest children
The situations you sometimes face
I know it drains life
I know it makes you to lose hope

My dearest children please
Allow Me a place in your heart
Allow Me to ease the pain
Allow Me to go through the storms of life with you

I do not want or need you
To carry the heavy loads of this life
All on your own
Dearest children I want to help you

Please will you allow Me asks Father-God
To just come in
To relieve the pain
To bring ease

This is what I so badly
Want to do for My children
Father says
I want to bare the pain for you

I know it’s difficult
Dearest children
I know life sometimes
Get’s really tough

My dearest children
Children of the world
You can trust Me
To ease the pain, to get you there

I do not want you
To be so scared
When I am all around
When I will carry you

I love you dearest children
And I want you to know this
Through the storms of life
I will carry you

I cannot stop all of them
Father says
But I can carry you
Through each and everyone

I am the One
No storm can ever conquer
I am the One
With who you are forever safe

Dearest children
Will you trust Me
Will you trust My beautiful
Heart of love for you

I will never let you go
Says Father-God
I will never drop you
In My hands of love you are forever safe

Dearest children
Will you please trust Me
Will you please let go of the shore
Will you please come and reign with Me

Dearest children
My heart and hands of love
Is the safest place
Anyone can ever be in

I love you dearest children
And this is what I want you to believe
From today on forward
Please more and more

I love you with an everlasting
Very deep love
Will you please believe Me?

I know of the tough times
The tough situations
My dearest children
You so often face

Dearest children
I want to help you
There is no need for you
To go through them alone

My dearest children
With Me you are forever safe
Not because difficult times will never come
But because I will carry you through each and everyone


Standing in Faith

Your eyes should always
Be on Me dear child

Through the valleys
On the Mountain-Tops of Life
Please do not ever
Let Me get out of sight

It is good to keep your eyes fixed on Me dear child
It is good
It keeps you grounded
It teaches you faith

Dearest child please continue on
And do not ever let go
Do not allow the enemy
To steal what I came to give

I came to give you a full life
Abundance of Joy
Abundance of Peace
To provide in all your needs

Hang on dear children
Keep on professing words of faith
Words of believing
Words saying you believe I keep My promises

Dear children in the Barren Times of Life
In the times you do not see supply or provision
It is then that I want you to say and belief
My God will provide in my every need

The promises in My Word
They carry so much value
If only you will keep on declaring
Keep on believing them

Do not ever let go of one of My promises
Father says
Stick to them Father says
Let them stick closer than a brother

I want you to LOVE your Word
Father says
I want you to LOVE every promise
I want you to keep on holding on to them

I’m teaching you so many wonderful things
Father says
Things you wouldn’t have learned any other way
That is dear child why I am asking you to keep on holding on

Do not let go of My Word
Do not let go of My Promises
Cleave to them and see how I will come through for you
This is what the Father says

I’m hanging on dear Father
I’m hanging on by a thread
But I’m hanging on
I will not let go, I will hold on

I know and I believe with my whole heart
You will come through for me
Just as you have done it in the past
You will do it once again

You have provided
In all my needs before
And you will do so again
I know you know all I need

Therefore I lay down my needs
Father before Your throne
I say I know You are able
I believe You will provide

From all the answers to my questions
To the unseen road ahead
As well as every promise
Found inside Your Word

Abba I want You to know
I will not let go
Until You bless me
Until I see Your hand in working

I will continue to hold on
I will not let go
We will finish this journey
Together You and me

All the tears I’ve cried
o How You have seen them
Every prayer I couldn’t utter
You heard them from my heart

Thank you Abba, Jesus
For caring so much about Your children
For always seeing us through
For never ever letting go

We will keep our eyes, our hearts and gaze
Fixed on you Jesus
For we know as in the past
You will come through for us once more

We love you so much Jesus
Thank you for never letting go
Thank you for loving us and caring much more than we deserve
You truly are GRACE COMPLETE

We love you Jesus
We love you Abba
And we say Thank You
By Your Grace we will continue on

For we know You see us
We know You care
We know You will carry us through
You truly are the ANSWER to all OUR NEED

Hallelujah, Amen.