Who reigns as king?

Beautiful and true
Your heart is dear King
You came to give me Life
How thankful I am You did not say no

Although it was not easy
The hardest thing You ever had to do
Still you said
Father let not My will be done but Yours

Although Your heart
Was full of anguish crying out
Lord can we please not skip this part?
Is this really the only way to go?

The greatest battles for any man
Are won on the cross of self-sacrifice
Where we choose to let go of our desires
And allow God to truly be King

See it is very easy to say ‘Lord I believe’
Still if you have not been to a place
Called the ‘Garden of Gethsemane’
You haven’t really asked ‘Let Your will be done’

Because it is there
Where the fleshy me who reigned as king
Has to die
And we find out who truly is the King

You cannot give in to all the desires
And temptations of your flesh
Some of them are so dangerous
They will let you lose your life

Dear child it is so easy to say you are My child
Still when tough times come
Isn’t it scary how quickly you let go of My hand
Deciding to make your own plans

That is not the way it should be done
In your darkest hour
Your time of deepest need
I should be the One you fully rely and depend on

Just as Jesus did
He chose to keep His focus fixed on Me
That is what gave Him the strength
To continue and carry on

The fleshly you needs to die
On the ‘Cross of Calvary’
See each one of us has a cross to bear
We choose who will reign as king

You cannot serve two kings dear child
Only one can truly be king
It’s either going to be you and your desires
Or Me and My will

My plans for you are always the best
I know it is difficult, sometimes hard to hear
But child I tell you truth
Only look at Jesus and the cross He had to bear

He chose to be obedient
He chose to do as I asked
It brought eternal victory for Him
It will be the same for you if you allow Him to be king

Dear child please do not serve two kings
Only one can win
The choice you make today
Has an eternal consequence

The fleshly you is so deceiving
Always telling you
Your way is the best
No one can tell you any other thing

Dear child let Me be King
It is for your benefit, it may be tough to believe
Trust Me as the journey proceeds
You will see I truly do know what is best

All it takes is faith
A small step at first
One saying you believe
And will allow Me to be your King

That is all Jesus did
He showed you an example
He could’ve denied My will, My plan
Still He decided to do the opposite

Dear child put your faith in Me
Put your faith in the Cross of Calvary
Where Jesus died
For you to be truly set free

I know what I’m asking
Dear child it is possible in every way
Although it is tough
Perhaps the most difficult thing you ever had to do

In Me you have everything you need
Trust Me
Knowing that I am truly
The best King there could ever be

Put your trust in Me dear child, put it in Me
I am talking to you and so hoping
That today will be the day you choose
To forever put your hand in Mine

Say no to your flesh
Its desires only kills
My way is Life for you and everyone around
I truly do know what is best

You need to get to a point where you truly mean it
When you pray ‘Lord let Your will be done’
I trust that what you did in the life of Jesus
You will also do in mine

Even if it sometimes asks of you
To remain in an uncomfortable place
Believe in and trust Me
I know the way and will lead you there

Trust Me fully not only halfway
I will show you the way to go
If only you will hold on
Just as Jesus did

He knew My heart you see
He knew I had a better plan
One that would bring Salvation to all mankind
How much more dear child it will also be the same for you

Therefore dear child TRUST ME
If Jesus hadn’t died
There would be no chance for you and me
So let’s be thankful and make Him rightful King

The things of this world
May sometimes be real tough
Still if you continue to trust My heart and abide in My plan
All will be well in the end

You won’t always be able
To see what I did
With the difficult places you’ve been
Or the people you met

All I can say
Just as Jesus had to surrender His will
And trust Mine
You also need to do the same

I know what I’m doing
I always do
It is you who need to trust My heart
And obey when I ask

Let go of the past
Let go of what was
With Me
Everything becomes brand new

A nice car, a grand house
Is that all you have?
Dear child come to Me
Let Me show you what I call TRUE LIFE.