Rescued by Love

Let me rejoice
In the simple joys of life
Birds singing in the trees
Sun shining through the skies

Let Your truths reign in me
Let Your words be mine
I find joy in Your shalom
I find myself in knowing Who You are

I worship and exalt You King Jesus
My life I lay down before Your throne
Let it not be mine
Let everything, always, be Yours

You’ve given me Life
By the Breath
Of Who You are
I revel in Your presence

Nothing else in all the earth
Can ever compare
To Your matchless love and grace
For me

A sinner was I for many years
Far from You
Never even knew You were there
Then You came

Saved me from myself
My prideful heart was not too hard
To shed a tear
With open arms I embraced Your love

I’m so grateful You came
To make me Yours again
I’m sorry God for all that I have done
For all the years I ran from You

The times I never wanted anything to do with You
Still in Your matchless grace
You came and gave me New Life
Your love has changed who I am

For all eternity I hope to be with You
My life and all I give to You
I know it is something
You can give this world

To show them
There is hope
For all
Who put their trust in You

Let My life
Not sing glory to me
Let it sing
Glory to the King

My own kingdom I do not want to build
I want to be a builder in Yours
For Yours is the only one
Who will forever be

Dear friend never be afraid
To let the Lord Jesus be King
Your life He can change
If only you’ll believe

His heart’s desire
Is for you to come
Lay down your life
Pick up His

Put your hand in His
And walk
Where His footsteps lead.