Destiny calls

I’ve been waiting many years
Dearest son and daughter
To call you My own
To welcome you into My home

Dearest son, daughter of the earth
Those that do not belong yet
Those who do not know Me yet
Will you please, come closer

Yes says Daddy please
To My heart that I wanna share with you
To the desires deep within
That calls for you

My heart aches says Daddy
To know you intimately
Daughter, son
Yes you who do not know Me yet

You belong to this world
Says Abba-Father
You love her so much
Though she does not care the same way for you

I am the only one says Daddy
Who truly understand
Perfect love
And I so wanna share it with you

I long says our Daddy up in heaven
Our heavenly Father
To call you My own
To be one with you

This is something
That not many of you understand
Something that is difficult to explain
To those not yet in My Father’s house

Let Me explain
Says Abba-God’s Son
I am the One they call Jesus Christ
The One sent to die for the sins of this world

My Father sent Me He says
So that you can once again know Him
So that you can once again know His love
The love that was shown on the Cross of Calvary

o Many people He says
Many people today
Look down on this price
This price that was paid on Calvary

o Children
Have you forgotten
Have you forgotten
I knew you before time began

I knew each and every person
That would ever set foot on planet earth
Before it was ever created
This is who I am

Yes says Daddy, yes
I knew you before time
I knew you before creation
Was ever born

There was a time says Daddy-God
In the Beginning
That I truly missed
Those who was going to be born

Daddy says that is why I made you
Each and everyone
That is why I knitted you together
So specially in your mother’s womb

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
I knew you before you were ever born
I knew you because each and every one of you
Was first birthed inside of My heart

Yes says Daddy-God
Accomplished you came from My heart
There were plans and purposes written all-over you
Back when you were still in the womb

So sad though says Daddy
That so many people wander this earth
Without meaning or hope
So many people on planet earth, they do not even know how to dream

Kids, children of the earth
How come is it so?
How come do you not believe
You were made for a very specific and special reason

Yes says Daddy
Yes many people wander
Many people wander and they do not ever find out
But why am I here?

Children I would want you to know
There is purpose beyond your pain
And you are here child to have impact
For this world to never again be the same

Yes children, yes
You were made with big dreams
You were made with so much joy
Happiness and contentment in My heart

All of you says Daddy
Yes each and everyone
Even those that do not know Me yet
Was dreamt up inside of My heart

It’s because I longed for you
It’s because I loved you
That is why I made you
That is why you were in My heart

Children, children of Abba-God
And those still of the world
Will you come closer
Discover the beautiful depths inside of our Daddy’s heart?

I long for you
I long for you
I missed you from the start says Daddy
I miss you still

Yes says Daddy
Those that never come to visit
Those that do not know Me yet
I miss you, I miss you a lot

I’m calling all of you closer
There is always more inside My loving heart
No one will ever be able to say I am satisfied

That is just how deep and glorious the depths inside My heart are
Children come seek after Me
I’ve been asking this since the start

You know that I love you
This you often say
Children why then I wonder
Do you not allow yourselves to grow into more of this beautiful love?

Children that is just the thing
The more you start to taste
The more you would want to have
Please do judge for yourself

If there is no desire in your hearts
Dearest children
To love Me more, to grow acquaintly deeper with Me
You do not really know Me yet

If you did Daddy says
I would just want you to know
You would not be able
To get enough of Me

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
That is just how beautiful I am
There is no-one like Me

So Father says
To you who do not know Me yet
You who are missing out on what was prepared for you
Will you please come closer?

Come closer Daddy says
Your Heavenly Dad truly wants you to come find
All the beautiful treasures inside His beautiful heart
Will you please, come find?

My Word promises says Abba
Those who seek, they will find
That is a promise in My Word
It is a guarantee

Yes says Daddy-God
Please children
Don’t be satisfied with what this world offers
Please come seek for more

You have been prepared for great things
Son, daughter of Abba-God
Don’t stop pursuing the heart of God until you know what it is

You have found favor in His sight
You are loved today just as you were back then
Have faith children
Grow closer to your Daddy-God



Happy Hearts

So much joy and happiness
Contentment in my heart
All because I know
You are here with me

You make my heart so happy
I just love
Being with You

Father-God there is
Nothing more beautiful
Than Your presence
Or who You are

I long for the depths
Of your heart
I long for more of You
My dearest King

Father-God you are
My everything
You are my purest joy
You are the One my heart adores

I truly cannot
Get enough of You
Father I want more of You
Please will you give Me more

Break open my heart Abba
Let Your beauty infiltrate my being
So that I will truly
Know You my King

Dearest King Jesus
Dearest Lover of My Soul
I long for You

More of You
More of You
This is the song my heart wants to sing
Now and always

Thank you dearest King
Lover of my heart
For Your love, mercy and grace
You truly are beautiful

You are magnificent in all glory
You are Love
You are the One
Our hearts adore

There is nothing or no-one
More beautiful
You are the Only One
Father-God we truly love You

You make our hearts so happy
Just being who You are
Thank you dearest Jesus
Thank you dearest King

Our hearts long
Our hearts ache
We want more of You
We want Your fullness Abba-God

Thank you for answering
The prayers of our hearts
Thank you for caring so much
We give You all the glory and praise

You alone are worthy
No-one is or will ever be like You
Thank you dearest King
Thank you for loving us so much

Our hearts belong to You
Our hearts want more of You
Our hearts ache to know
The heart of our King and Savior

Thank you dearest King
For all Your love and grace
That You are truly beautiful
There is NONE like You

Glory to the King
This is what our hearts wants to sing
For You are truly just beautiful

You alone are worthy
You alone are worthy
There is nothing or no-one like You
We give You alone all the love and praise

Thank you
For saving our souls
Thank you
For loving us so much

You truly are
The Anchor of our souls
We adore you Father-God
We love You


Thankful Hearts

I lift my hands
To the heavens
I say
Lord I love you!

You have done so many marvelous
And great things in my life
I just truly want to say
Thank you

Thank you for caring
Thank you for loving
Every single person in this world
We are all so special to You

None of us
Are better than another
Your care and love for each of us
It is exactly the same

Thank you Abba Father God
That You just being here
You being ALIVE
Gives us so much HOPE

We know that there is nothing
We are not able to pull through
If you are the One
Carrying us

Thank you Abba Lord
For caring and loving us so much
Thank you for giving us
Your only Son

We believe and trust in Him
We have faith in the price He paid
For us to once again
Be fully reunited with You

Father it is such an honor
Such a privilege
To believe in Your Son
To know He is the Only One

Thank you
Abba Father God
That You are with us
That You gave Your Son

Thank you Jesus
For coming down to this earth
To live as one of us
To pay the price for our sin

We are so very thankful
That You came
That You offered Your life
On the Cross of Calvary

Thank you Abba Father God
For sending Your only Son
Thank you so much Yeshua Jesus
Thank you that You came

Our hearts long to know You more
We long to know a love so great
You would give Your Only Son

Thank you that You did this
Out of love
Thank you that You cared so much
You were willing to give Your Son

How many of us
Would do this I often think
Not many I do think
Not many at all

You loved us so much
You cared so much
Thank you Abba Father God
That You send Your Son

We long to know You more
We long to know more about the love You’ve shown
We long to go deeper
We long to climb into Your beautiful heart

Father will You please
Show us more
Will You please reveal
More of who You are

You truly are beautiful
Dearest King
And we trust Your heart
We trust You

Thank you for helping us
To find Life
Thank you for helping us
Find You

You are the meaning
To Life
You are the meaning
Of all we find truly magnificent

Thank you dearest King Jesus
That You came
You offered Your life
So we could once again sing

You fill our hearts
With so much happiness
With so many songs
We are left with one thing to say and that dearest King is thank you!

Thank you for giving us
Your life
Thank you for coming to show
Abba’s LOVE

We say truly thank you
And we mean it from the bottom of our hearts
Thank you
Thank you!