Perfect Destiny

A good college or after-school education
You are always so eager to obtain
Tell Me dear child what are we going to do
When one day you get to heaven and realise you did not live your life for Me?

See dear child this is how the story lies
I have a perfect and beautiful plan for your life
But you’re going to miss out on it if you do not hand over
All your dreams and ideals for your life to Me

Dear child will you please not trust your own plans for your life over Mine?
Will you instead trust Mine above all other?
The One who made and created you whilst you were still in your mother’s womb
The One who knew you before time began

See dear child I see and truly know
What the best road to take for your life is
I know what is best and dear child
I do not want you to miss a second of the great future I have in store for you

Dear child tell Me
Please tell Me
Are you ready to throw your plans for the future overboard
And live Mine?

Are you ready dear child?
See dear child this is the truth and I kid you not
You have been called before time was born
Back when you were still in your mother’s womb

Before time ever began I already had a plan for your life dear child
Before time began
Will you dear child please trust My heart?
Will you come and please hand over your future to Me?

I so hope you would do it
I so hope you would come and say yes
To the calling you now feel knocking at the door of your heart
See dear child you know you are the one I’m talking about

For many years you have lived life
With hidden passion and purpose in your heart
The talents you have dear child you have them for a reason
See dear child I’m calling you

I’m calling you and asking
Dear child will you please let go of your plans
Are you willing to pick up Mine
And live them with all you have and all you can?

Dear child I will provide in all your needs
All that you will need you will have
Have you not heard it said I provide for the lilies of the field
How much more will I not do the same for you?

See dear child you know by experience
It is Me knocking at the door of your heart
You know dear child
You know My voice, you recognise the call

See dear child for many years you have felt My calling upon your life
Too scared to act upon it or ask Me to show you more
Dear child I’m asking you
Will you please obey?

So many things depend on you being willing to come
So many things on you saying yes
Dear child will you please come
And hand it all over to Me?

Will you make My plans for your life
Your plans for your life?
Will you ask Me if you should finish college
Or if you should indeed be doing what you’re doing?

See dear child the decision you make today
Will determine the course your life will take
Please make the right decision
Please dear child come and do what I so earnestly ask

You will not be disappointed dear child
No greater joy you will know
Than the life of fulfillment you will live
All because you said ‘Yes Jesus, I will live my life the way You ask’

I will lie down earthly pleasures and fame
I will die to self and its desires
I will follow the deep need in my heart
And answer the call You have placed upon my life

Dear Lord although it may not be easy I know it will be worth it
I will come and do as You ask
All because I know dear Abba
You are the One holding my hand

Never will I let go dear child
I am always there
To show and pave the way
I will always be there

Dear Father do You know how much I love You?
How much it is that You mean to me?
Dear child that is why I’m asking
I so hope we could walk the rest of life’s journey hand-in-hand doing as I ask

See dear child I know
I know your heart aches for more of Me
Dear child I know in your heart
You long for Me, you long for greatness

Dear child will you believe Me
I’ve placed it there
I know dear child
I know of the full potential living inside your heart

I know because I have placed it there
Dear child will you come
Will you decide to live life to the fullest?
That is something you will only find in Me

Dear child have you ever wondered about this, let Me paint you a picture
How happy do you think you will one day be
Sitting behind a desk, making good earthly money
But the deepest needs of your heart and soul have not been met?

Dearest child I do not want you to go there
I do not want you to end up like that
I’m here to offer you fulfillment dear child
Of all the desires and dreams I have put in your heart

Since you were a little child you have dreamt of making impact on this world
With the love and power of your king Jesus
You have dreamt and desired it
For how many years and days dear child

Is it not about time that you come dearest child, is it not about time?
The fleshly you desires a lot of beautiful things
Dear child still I tell you this,
Your spiritual needs are being oppressed

Dear child stop doing that
Please come and live for Me
Please allow Me to be the King of your heart and life

See dear child I need you to come
Be who I have called you to be
I need you to come live fully for Me
To lay down your life and truly pick up Mine

You’ve heard it said in the Bible
Him willing to lie down his life will find it
But dear child I tell you this
Him willing to let go of My plan for his life he will surely lose it

Dear child I do not want it to be you
I need you to come, I want you to come
Please answer this call
With the most positive Yes

Dear child do not worry or be in anguish
About the day of tomorrow and how it will work
I am already there
Just put your hand of faith in Mine

Start asking, start growing in My plan for your life
Commit your heart and life
Commit it all to Me
Dear child you will see and find I truly know what is best

Commit dear child, commit all your ways
All your hopes and fears for tomorrow
Commit and hand them over to Me
You will see dear child I will make straight the way

Dear child I’m asking you to trust Me
I’m asking you to believe I will pave the way
Dear child please, please come
And hand it all over to Me

Do you know
Do you realise
You will have or experience no greater joy or fulfillment
Than the day you live fully reliant on Me

Let Me, Allow Me
To be the strength of your heart
Dear child
Allow Me, Allow Me.