The Father’s Call

Do not turn your back on Me dear world
Do not turn your back on Me
For many years I have called Your Name
Asking you to be Mine

I am King of this world
Although it may be handed over to the powers and rulers of darkness
I still am King thereof

Will you bow your knees
Will you repent
Will you say you’re sorry
Will you allow Me to be King

Of your heart and life
Till we can be forever one?
See dear child I hate many things in this world
Still ONE thing REMAINS

I LOVE you so very much
I loved you before time and life ever began
Since then I have been trying to win back your heart
But My Son’s death on a cross is all I have got thus far

My everything I gave so we could again be one
Can our relationship be restored
Be again as it once was?
Will you ask Me to come stay and live in your heart?

Let’s make it out TODAY dear child
This is what the Father asks
Can we truly be ONE
And not only in words?

See dear child My fullness
I would love to share
With you and anyone willing to ask
If only you would come

If only you would say yes
Dear child can I ask you
To put all the blessings on the side
And to fully pursue only Me?

Love Me for who I am
And not what I can give
This is what the Father asks
Please pour out all your love on Me

Leave all other things aside
Your focus should be Me
Me in all My fullness
Me in all My glory

Hallelujah, Amen!

Perhaps you do not know dear child
I came for you to experience life
The best one you could ever have
Life is short dear child, life is short

Therefore I ask come and live it fully for Me
Let go of your plans and your desires
Come live Mine
Make Me and My will YOUR focus everyday

Dear child that way you will find
I am Life
I can never lie
Truth is Me in every way

Hallelujah! Amen!

Come to Me
Come to Me
This is what the Father asks
If you would only come

You would see
You would find
I am Life

Death is not from Me
Fear and Destruction neither too
It is from the enemy
Did you know Pain is his name?

Will you cut all the alliances
You have made with him?
Will you cut it dear child
This is what I ask

It is not at all any good for you
Dear child you should hang on
Trust Me with your everything
I will help you, if only you would ask

So come to Me dear child
Come to Me
Give Me all the hurt
Give Me all your pain

I am able to heal anything the Father says
Commit, commit
All your ways, all your days
Until the end I will forever be truly Me.