Bread of Life

Share the love
Father asks
Share the love
Which you have found in Me

Love is what it’s all about
Love is all that really counts
You could have the nicest car
But tell Me do you know of the LOVE I am talking about?

People need LOVE
They do not need careless words spoken to them
They need LOVE
Not the selfish desires in our hearts

This world needs My LOVE dear child
Will you please make sure
You spread it wide
And wherever you go?

They do not need idle works
They need genuineness
No faking
No made-up or make-belief

Are you willing dear child?
To all those surrounding you
In your daily walks of life
From your husband to the stranger walking by

Dear child this is what I ask
Are you willing
To spread My Life
To give it to all around

I’m not asking for Myself
I’m asking for broken, lost and angry people
People needing to KNOW
They need to know dear child

Where will they see and find it if not in you?
How will they know
If they do not see and experience it with you?

O dear child
I need you please
To lay down your selfish desires and wants
And to spread My GREAT LOVE

My love says put other’s needs before your own
It does not say
Fill your stomach
And forget about others in need

Dear child My love never takes
It always gives
It hands out
Until there is no more

It is because they know
I AM the Provider of all
I AM the Supply
Which never can run dry

I AM the Fountain of Life
Those who drink from Me
Will never, ever
Run dry

O dear child come!
Let’s go!
There is a world waiting
Waiting to feel My arms of love surrounding them

I will provide in all your needs
I know what it is that you truly need
And I will give it all to you
If only you would come and live truly and freely for Me

Through you I want to touch this world
Through you I want to transform lives
Heal hearts, give hope
Will you let Me dear child, will you?

All you need
You will find in Me
All you need
You already have

Because I live in you
We are ONE dear child
Nothing else you can possibly want
That you will not find in Me

I am the Bread of Life dear child
I am the BREAD
Will you break Me
And please share Me with this broken world?

I came so that this world
Could be made whole
I came so that things could be
As they were once before

And they will dear child
They will
I tell you this
That is for sure

All the brokenness in your life
Bring it to Me dear child
The One that was Broken
For your transgressions

All the things you want
All the things you truly need
Dear child they are all
They are all found in Me

I love you so very much dear child
I have this deep longing in My heart
For you to come, to come
And ALLOW Me to wrap you up in My love

That is what you really need
The LOVE of a Heavenly Father
Where you will find everlasting approval
And rejection will be no more

If you were whole and free in My love for you
It would be so much easier for you to share
If you could only truly find ME
You would find Peace never-ending

Dear child My Name is Peace
My Name is Acceptance
My Name is LOVE
My Name says it all

Will you dear child
Will you come and put your trust in Me?
Will you make Me your only Reliance
Your ONE and ONLY True King and Saviour?

Dear child you need NONE but Me
Forsake all others and you will see
You will find I am ONE
I AM the ONLY ONE you truly need

My Name is Jesus
My Name is Son of God
I came from Heaven
To die for you

Lay it all down
And you will find
Life Eternal is waiting on you.