An Army of Believers

All the bad in your life
I so badly want to turn into good
Everything, Everything can
If only you are willing to believe

Dear child it is time for you to bring Me
All the baggage of the past
To come and lay it down at My feet
Before My throne of mercy and grace

Do not hide it any longer
Bring it all to Me
Do not take it to the one who hurt you
I am the Only One able to make it truly better

The pain and brokenness in your being
I so want to replace with life and eternal hope
I want to make you anew dear child
In and through the blood of My Son

Hallelujah! Sing praises to the King
Daily the angels sing before His Throne
Exalting the King of Kings, bringing all honour to His Name
Together with them I want to do the same

Magnificent in glory
Praise His Holy Name
Forever my heart wants to sing

His love for this world is so huge
Every single day He keeps on reaching out
Tell me can you see it?
He is all around and everywhere

In you, in me
In everyone willing to invite Him in
He is everywhere dear friend
He is all around

Ask Him to open your eyes
For you to truly see
Those who seek Me, they will find Me
That is the truth

Dear child open your eyes
Look around you
I am everywhere
I am all around

Dear Father You are so incredibly big
You are so unendingly good
To think that the King of Creation
Cares to call you and me by name

Dear child that is what it is all about
You and Me
In a love relationship
Every day until death comes to separate

I’m asking you to come dear child
I’m asking you to come
I want you to come find out
What it is all about for Me

It is LOVE dear child
Love! Love so unmistakeably great
I want you to share the love I pour out on you so lavishly every day
With the ones surrounding you

Dear child
This is all I ask
Are you willing to be the vessel
Through which I can show this world My love?

Dear child that is what it is all about

Love in abundance
Are being poured out on you every day
How can it stay impossible
To share the same love with those around?

Yes dear child
Especially to the ones least deserving in your eyes
Yes also to those not from the same ethnic group as you
To everyone dear child, everyone

That is why I came says the Lord
To share My love, to save this world
The invitation is open
To every one willing to come!

Dear child do not keep the good news
And the gospel of Jesus Christ to yourself
Share it
Share it with those all around

Dear child I long for intimacy
Through you
I want to show this world
What a child of God should look like

Dear child will you
Will you allow Me
To be your all?
Will you not allow any to be above Me?

Dear child not even your children
Should be above Me
I must be on top, forever number one
Have you not heard it said “First seek the Kingdom of God’?

Everything else will follow
The salvation of your husband
And those of your children
It all you will find in Me

That is dear child why I am asking
Make Me number 1 in your life
Make Me your everything and all
Then you will see how everything else will not bother you nearly as much

Do not allow your children, husband or work
To be above Me
That is not how it works
It keeps on draining My life out of you

Dear child I will make it all better for you
From the smallest to the biggest
It will all be more than just bearable

All because you have decided to not let go
To make Me your number one priority
To give Me your heart and life
To let Me be your all

Dear child you will begin to realise
That everything in life
Gets true meaning and real value
Because I am a part of it

You will find that I am the Fountain of Life
And that all joy and happiness springs forth
From the immense love I have for you
In My heart

My all, My all
I want to share with you
But then you have to come
You have to be willing to hand it all over to Me

Your heart and life
Your manner of thinking and doing
The truth as you see it
You have to give it all to Me

Dear child abundance awaits
Abundance you have never known
Or will ever experience anywhere on earth
But dear child you must come

You must come
And you must be prepared to believe
With your all
Everything, all must belong to Me

Your DNA
Your present and past
All your plans for the future
They must come and bow their knees

Dear child it is My heart’s desire to make everything brandnew
I want you to believe in the beauty of life once again
But then dear child you will have to come
You have to be willing to do things My way

My way is life says the Lord
Life which you will have or find
Nowhere else on planet earth
Eternity, eternity lies within Me

Dear child do you know for sure
Where you will be spending eternity?
Because dear child I tell you this after death
Every person will go to a place of Pain and Death if they did not know Me

Dear child I want to meet you there
Behind the door of ‘death’
Take your hand
And lead you to an eternity with Me

Dear child I so want to remove the veil from your eyes
So that you would be able to see and know
I am the everlasting faithful God
And every word from My mouth is eternal truth

Everything I say and everything you read in My Word
It is the only truth you’ll ever need
See dear child I tell you this
You can believe and stand on every single word coming from My mouth

I can’t go back on My Words the Father says
This is not Who I Am
I’m not like that
What I say I will do, I will says the Lord

Dear child I want you to believe
It’s time
With everything in you
With your all and all

It doesn’t matter how the world and things around you appear
It doesn’t matter how dark times sometimes get
I am the Everlasting God
Jehovah Shammah, the omni-present King

Hallelujah! Amen!

Dear child the only way for My promises to ever come into fulfilment
Is for you to stand on them
To believe them
And to keep on pronouncing them

If My Word says
I will provide
I will
That should be the end of it He says

I’m looking for an army of believers
Determined to never let go of My promises
Unwavering in their belief of Me
Impossible to be brought down by any demon, power or attack from hell

Do not look at the world and the way things appear
That should not be your focus Father asks
Your focus should be Jesus
Standing at the right-hand side of God

He is the King of Creation
He is the Alpha and Omega
He is the Healer of every sickness and disease
He is! He is! Halleulja! Amen!

Dear child do not serve and love Me with lukewarmness in your hearts
That is not going to help you any
I am looking for a fearless generation
A bold people who will say and declare to the nations of the earth and heaven above

‘Satan we KNOW, we KNOW Who our King is!’
We need to get you strong
Dear child you’re not suppose to shrink and collapse
With the first sign of trouble coming your way

Dear children
I want you bold
I want you fearless
I want you full of faith!

I’m looking for a people
That will not back down in the eyes of adversity
I’m looking for people
Willing, willing to lie down their all and give everything to Me!

Dear child it’s time
The time is now
To come with boldness before My Throne
To say Father-God I need to become everything You want me to be

I need you strong the Father says
I need you STRONG in faith
I need people willing to believe I will come through for them
As long as they do not give up

Dear child, dear child
Do not allow your faith to be shaken
By the smallest of wind coming your way
I need you strong, I need you strong!

I need you to become MEN of HONOR
Honor and FAITH that will shake
The nations of the earth

I need you to believe every single word in the Bible
Every single word must become your own
It will be your LIFE

Son, daughter, dearest child of God
Look further, look past the troubles of the earth and see Me
Look at Me, dearest child I’m waiting for you
And I tell you this one day we will for sure be ONE again

One in spirit, one in truth
Dearest child I need you to hang on
I need you to never give up
I need you to stay strong

When your legs grow weak and tired
When your arms become too heavy to lift up and praise Me
Remember I am the One
With Whom all things will become brand-new

I will give you the strength to carry on
As long as you keep your eyes fixed on Me
Do not be shaken by this world
No dear child, no, keep your eyes FIXED on Me

With and by faith you must look further than what you see in the natural realm
You must see Me
The Almighty One
The One by which every man is set free

Free from bondage
Free from anything trying to keep you entangled
I love you dear child
I love you so very much

Come to Me
Come to Me
I love you dear child
Me and you, we will finish this race

Together hand in hand, You can surely count on that
I love you dear child with an everlasting love
And I tell you dear child
We will, we will one day again be fully ONE

Hallelujah. Amen!

Your faith is only being tested dear child
Stand strong
Stand strong
And know, I AM, I AM the ONLY ONE