Hold On

I worship and exalt Your holy name
I say thank you Father-God
I worship and exalt Your beautiful, beautiful, beautiful name
Thank you so much for who You are Father-God
Thank you for not being a lifeless God
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for caring about me
Thank you for understanding even when I do not understand myself
Thank you for caring so, so much
Thank you for always, always being there
Thank you for understanding
Thank you for not condemning
Thank you for lifting me up again
Thank you for being true life
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Father-God for everything
I wish words could express the love I have for Thee
I so wish there were never times that I didn’t fail or fall back or feel disappointment of my trust in You
Father-God please help me
To understand more of You
The ways in which You work
Please fill my heart with more of Your love
Fill my being, capture my heart with the beauty and the essence of who You are
Thank you so much Father-God
Thank you so much
Thank you for lifting me up
Thank you for holding me up
Thank you for always being there
Thank you for never letting go of my hand
Even in the times that are very dark for me
Even in the times when despair seems to be the only thing I feel
Even in the times when my thoughts just run wild
And I have to do all I possibly can to just keep sane
Father-God I don’t understand
Lord knows I don’t
But Father-God I will keep on holding Your hand
‘Cause I know and I can’t do this without You holding my hand
I can’t do it without You Father-God
I cannot do this without You
Please help me Father-God
All my reliance, everything I have and is
Are clinging to You and Your great love and your greatest mercy
Everything I am is currently resting, expecting, trusting in Your goodness and kindness
Everything I am is holding on to You and Your promises
In faith only
I don’t have anything else Father-God
I cannot give You anything else
I do not and cannot afford anything less or more
My everything You have
I will trust You
I will trust You completely
For there is just no other way
Thank you Father-God for teaching and showing me
With all the faith lessons learned in the past
That this is the only way
To trust You
To trust You
To trust You
To have faith that You do have a beautiful heart
To trust that everything will work out for my good
Please restore Your promises in my heart Father-God
In the deepest part of me
I give You all my tears of I-do-not-know
All my tears of Father-I-do-not-understand
Father God I’m trusting You
I’m trusting You with my whole heart, my whole life
And I believe and hold on to the fact
I WILL see the goodness of God
I WILL see the grace of God bestowed over my heart and life
The deepest pits of despair
Are the seeding ground for some of the greatest miracles
Father-God even though I cannot see how this will work
Even though I don’t understand
Even though it feels as if my heart is breaking a 1000-times over
I will trust Your heart Father-God
For I truly do believe it is beautiful
I so hope this all could be fixed in a day
But I know this is not the way
My plan is not perfect
Yours are
Therefore Father-God let it be known
I will trust my King’s heart
I will cling to Your heart
I will cling to Your love
I will cling to the Beauty of Your presence
I can and I will not let go
It is often in times of pain, despair and big disappointment
That we find out who You truly are
Father-God I will walk this road with You
I will keep on holding on to Your hand
With all that I am
Cause I know
I know
I know
I know
Your Word promises EVERYTHING will work out for my good
O how I cling to this promise
How I hold fast to it
I cannot let go
I will not let go
For there is truly no, no other way
Your way is the best
Your way, that is the only way
I’m willing to walk this road
I’m willing to walk this road
As long as You will please just continue to hold my hand
If You will please just never ever let go
Cause I cannot, I cannot do this without You
I cannot, I will not
Choose any other way but Your way
Cause I know on Your way
Truth awaits
On Your way
Beauty abides
On Your way
Hope never seizes
You are Hope
You are Mercy
You are Kindness
Abounding till the end of times
Forever and Always You will be the same
I can truly trust Your heart
Just as with Jesus You have a plan
I will hold on
I will hold on
Even if that is all I can do
I will hold on
And I WILL NOT let go
Not ever, not ever, not ever
You will not abuse my heart
You are too good and kind for that
You will not forsake me
Your goodness is eternal
Your love, grace and mercy too
To the cross I will cleave
For in it the Love of God is SHOWN
Love that will last a lifetime
Love unable to cease
Love that will keep on believing
Even though the world has long ago lost the will to believe
I will believe
I will trust You heart
Even if it is all I am able to do
I will – I WILL – trust Your heart Father-God
I will
In Yeshua’s name I thank You Father-God
Hallelujah, now and forever

(A prayer)

Romans 8:28
Jeremiah 29:11