Time to Trust

I am with you
Until the end of days
I will not let you go
This is what the Father says

Dearest children please
I need you to cling to this promise
I do not want or need you
To let go thereof

I love you with an everlasting love
The Father says
I love you
With all I am and are

Nothing and Nowhere
Will ever be enough
To show you how much I love you
That is why I sent My Son

I need you dearest child
To believe in the life
Death and resurrection of My Son
For you to be made new

Put your faith and trust
In My Son
Dearest world
Please it is time to listen

You cannot continue on
With this
You cannot continue to believe
You will live forever

All will die Father says
And then there will only be
An eternity
With or without Me

Dearest children
Please be wise with the decisions you make daily
Please be wise
Please choose life



My Song

You are my lifesong
You are the song that I sing
You are the greatest desire in my heart
You are my one and only King

Beautiful my dearest King
This is who You are to me
Never ever will I trade You in for another
You have my heart and life dear King

So much compassion and love
You have shown this broken world
Abba how I wish this whole world
Could see You for who You truly are

You are the Song that I sing
You are the Life in my lungs
Abba-God my heart and life belongs to You
You are my only King

You’re my Savior
You’re the One who gave Your only Son
My knees I want to bow down before Your throne
For You are the One and Only Eternal King

More and more
Come o Father-God
Make my song Your Song
Do what You want to do in my life

My heart and life I give to You
Fully and Truly
For You are the Only One
I belong to You

I know that for sure
Therefore I ask
Come Abba-God
And make You more in me

My lifesong is You
My heart’s desire
My Only King
That is You

My dearest dearest Lord
You are the Only One
You fill my heart
With songs I’ve never sung

Songs and Melodies
Of Your Love and Grace
More and more
My Abba King I want to know You more

Fill our hearts with a desire to know You more
To never stop
To continue on
We can never have enough of You

Abba there is just always more
That is what we Your children long for Abba-God
More of You
In our everyday

More of You
In the lives we live
Abba God we give You

We give You everything
You are the One our hearts long for
You are My King the Only One
Deep are the desires and treasures in Your heart

Abba-God we don’t want to ever stop
We want to continue on
We want to dig really deep
We want to find the hidden treasures in Your heart

We want to know who You truly are
So many lies and stories we have been told to believe
So many lies disguising who You truly are
Abba I want to pray in this day

That You would start to reveal the truth to our hearts
Who You truly are
And not who we have made You out to be
Abba that is our truest heart’s desire

Abba to Know You
Not Your Kingdom
Not Your splendor
But You

For Abba I know this is where a lot of us go wrong
We want Your gifts
But Lord we never want You
Abba please forgive us God

For putting our pleasure and desires
Before those of (and) You
Please forgive us Father-God
We never intended for it to happen

But Father-God that is what we made it be
We long for You Abba
We long for Your courts
We long for Your Truth Abba

We long to Know the real You
We have believed for many years
Things You have never told us to believe
We’re coming back our Abba-God

We’re coming back to just Loving You
Abba we Love You
We love You more
Come fill our hearts Abba

Please let us have more of You
See our hearts Abba-God
Cleanse them from what should not be in there
Let the songs we sing

Let them always be You
You are the Song Abba
The One, Eternal Song
Your Mercy and Grace

Has come to find every lost and broken soul
I pray for them today Abba
I pray please mend their broken hearts
Their broken minds and songs

Their broken lives
Abba please mend it with Your Love
I know You can Abba
I know You want to Abba

Therefore I pray for them today
My dearest King
My heart belongs to You
Mend their broken hearts and lives

Make and help them to find You
The One who owns my heart
Thank you my dearest King
I belong to You


Trust the King

He is the King
He is the Lord overall
Tell me dear friend
Have you made Him your all yet?

He is High and Exalted
Far above all
He is worthy
He is the King of kings

He longs for you
To invite Him in
To open up your heart
To become His friend

Will you trust Him
Will you trust the Love
He has shown this world
When His Son died on the Cross of Calvary

Dear friend I’m asking
Will you trust My heart
Will you trust My Word
When I say I love you

I came for you
To once again know Me
This is what our Father in heaven says
For you to find your way back to Me

Will you trust My heart for you
Dear friend
Will you trust the Love
I have shown?

There is no reason to be afraid
There is no reason to be scared
You can trust My heart
Find your way back to Me

For many years
I was lost dear friend
I didn’t know the King of kings
Although He always called my name

Just as He is calling yours right now
Dearest friend I can tell you
Our Father-God
He will never quit on you

He loves you too much
Nowhere is too far for Him
Believe you me
You can Trust the King’s Heart

His heart is beautiful
In all magnificence
His mercies are new every morning dear friend
O He loves you so

I wish and pray
You could see
His laughter in the sun
His pride at night

He is an awesome Father-God
This King of ours
His glory I want to sing of
Tell of His love for you and me

This world He loves
With an everlasting love
That is why He sent His only Son
For you and me to return to Him

I could not keep His Law
I could not keep His standards
That is why His Son came
And once and for all paved the way

Dear son, dear daughter
Do not trust in your own merits
Trust in the heart
And Blood of My Son

He came for you
To once again know Me
He came for us
To be truly one

This is what I want
From all My children Father says
That you will long for Me
Just as much as I long for you

I want intimacy
With each and everyone of My children
Not a chosen few
This is what the Father says

My Law was given
For you to find your way back to Me
After Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden
I made another way

I have showed you
Through the Law of Moses
Father says
That not any amount of good works will bring you back to Me

Only a heart of full surrender
Only a heart saying I will trust the heart of my King
Salvation comes through One
That is My Only Son

Dearest children I want you
To let go of all the pride in your hearts
You stand and are able to do what you do
Only by the Grace of Me

It is Me who holds you
In the palms of My hands
Dearest children not the other way around
You can trust My heart

Let go of all your plans
Plans to impress Me
Plans to know My will
I want to know nothing about it

Trust My heart
And trust My will
Love Me more and more each day
See how I will carry you.