Time to Trust

I am with you
Until the end of days
I will not let you go
This is what the Father says

Dearest children please
I need you to cling to this promise
I do not want or need you
To let go thereof

I love you with an everlasting love
The Father says
I love you
With all I am and are

Nothing and Nowhere
Will ever be enough
To show you how much I love you
That is why I sent My Son

I need you dearest child
To believe in the life
Death and resurrection of My Son
For you to be made new

Put your faith and trust
In My Son
Dearest world
Please it is time to listen

You cannot continue on
With this
You cannot continue to believe
You will live forever

All will die Father says
And then there will only be
An eternity
With or without Me

Dearest children
Please be wise with the decisions you make daily
Please be wise
Please choose life


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